A Letter Goodbye

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This is a continuation in Versuvius’ storyline.  Since his last entry, Jizzella’s Homecoming, something very exciting happened.  He returned to the Site of Lessons to meet with Netherbane, and she followed him.  She confronted those there, which lead to a very heated situation between her and Tsunomi, Kharendos, and Araatris.  It ended with Jizella giving him an ultimatum and leaving in a storm.  He left the Site, following her, but never caught her.  The following is a letter that he sends to her after a few weeks of solitude and personal exploration.   If you interact with Versuvius in-game, he has been absent completely for several weeks with no word.

My daughter,

My heart has been heavy since our last meeting. I chased after you as you fled from the Site, but stopped when I realized that I didn’t yet have an answer to your ultimatum.  I’ve taken some time to think, away from you… away from them… just away. 

I look at the world around us, and I think of the world we left.  I have finally come to a conclusion.  The ways we are following do not work.  What have our methods gotten us, but closer and closer to extinction?  How many of our loved ones have been lost?  The Champions of the Light are no closer to defeating the Legion now than they were thousands of years ago. 

Do you remember the road the Orcs built, prompted by the Legion?  The road literally paved in the bones of our people?  I will not let that happen again. I will not see a road on this world paved in the bones of victims. 

I will no longer be a victim.

For our people to have a future, we need those who will carry forth the torch of the light, to hold firm to the traditions of guide our way, and to stay pure.  However, we also need those that are willing to walk in the darkness to face the darkness as an equal.  I firmly believe that this is where my path must take me.  I will be a shield of darkness, against the darkness.  I know what must be done, and I will do this.

I understand what this will cost me.  I know that when our task is done, that there will no longer be a place for me in this world.  If I know that my sacrifice will allow you to live your life safely in the light, I happily pay the price.  I seek no forgiveness, I seek no redemption.  I seek only victory over our foes.  I will carry this burden so that you don’t have to.  I only hope that before I face oblivion, my soul may see your mother one last time.  I doubt it that will happen, but perhaps the light will grant me this one small boon.

I know that you will not agree with me.  I know that you may even despise me for this.  I hope that you will at least recognize that this is a decision that I made for myself.  I was not convinced, and I was not coerced.  I am doing this for you and for our people.  I love you, and this will never change no matter what changes I undergo.  If it is easier for you to think of me as dead, then do that.  You will always be my daughter.  Please, do not remember me for what I have become, remember me for why became it.

With eternal love,

Your father.

Desi de Voodoo Girl

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This is an RP entry to provide the backstory to my warlock on Earthen Ring-US, Desdeamona, affectionately called “Desi de Voodoo Girl”.  Yes, I have two toons named Desdeamona.  This one, and my Blood Elf Paladin on Lightinghoof-US.  Don’t judge.  This will also be posted on Desdeamona’s profile on the Earthen Ring RP Network.

Your question hangs in the air.

Across the campfire from you, the young girl sits in a crouch.  The firelight dances along her dark skin, and highlights her stark white hair.  Her thick dreadlocks are tied into a thick topknot and splay out madly.  In the flickering shadowy light they almost look like pale serpents.  Her dark eyes glance at you shyly, slyly, through the tops of the dancing flames, and then return to the strange collection of materials her lap, which she seems to be manipulating deftly, though you can’t quite see what they are, nor what she’s making.

After a moment of silence she answers  you, “So, you be wantin’ ta know why I talk like dis, eh?”  She smiles slightly, her attention still at her work.   “Well, I ‘appen ta be in an accommodatin’ mood t’night, so I jes might be willin’ ta tell ya.”  Her eyes flick up to meet yours and you find suddenly feel pinned in place by a gaze much fiercer and more powerful than one would expect from this small waif of a girl.  “But, first… you gotta say what “dis”… sounds like.” Her gaze drops as she brushes a thick lock of hair out of her face, and you suddenly remember to breathe.  “Well?”

After a few breaths, you say it, “Why do you talk like a… like a troll?”

She let the question hang for a moment.  “You eva’ meet a troll, mon?”

You clear your throat, “Well… um… not really.  I mean, I faced them in battle.  But I recognize the accent from some pirates I heard speaking the common tongue in a tavern down in Booty Bay.  It’s um… very distinctive.”

She smiles broadly, her teeth stand out against her dark skin.  “I suppose it ‘tis, mon.  Very well den.  I spent de last 12 years o’ so livin’ wit de Amani down in Stranglet’orn.  Dats right, mon, I was raised by trolls.” Her eyes flick up to check your response, but she’s careful not to make eye contact this time, for which you are grateful.  They flick back down to her work, then after a moment, she took a deep breath in, the sighed as she looked off to the side, as if accessing the memories was difficult.

“I was a little girl.  Only 5 yea’s old, I t’ink.  I was sailing wit’ mah fada’ on a merchant vessel called “Da Forgotten Maiden.”   My fada’ was a fine saila’.”  She smiled sadly at the memory.  “’E was da first mate, on da ship.  My moda’ had just died from some illness, an’ he didn’t wan’ me left home all alone wit’ nothin’ but my tuta’s an’ se’vants.  So’e decided to take me wit’im.”

“We sailed down de coast from home.  On ah’ way, probably only a day o’ two from ah’ destination, which now I be t’inkin’ was Booty Bay, we run inta’ a terrible storm.  De ship was destroyed.  I rememba’ my fada’ holdin’ onta me, haulin’ me on top a’ some debris.  When I woke up, I was sittin’ in my fada’s lap, next to a small fire, watchin’ da sun disappea’ into de ocean.  Lookin’ back, ‘e shouldn’t ‘a made a fire… cause fires draw attention.  Dat very night, a troll came to ah’ camp an’ attacked us.  He ‘ad terrible magic dat gave us no hope a’ gettin’ away.  I remember tryin’ ta run away, like mah fada’ tol’ me to.   As I run down da beach, I felt like I was runnin’ through thick mud, an ‘e caught me easy.  ‘E was so big.  Bigga’ den any man I eva’ seen.  ‘E scooped me up, an carried me back to de campfire.  He tied me up and made me sit dere and watch as ‘e… as ‘e ate mah fada.”

She sniffled, her dark eyes wet around de edges.  She wiped her tears away with a dirty finger.  I offered her my handkerchief, which she accepted with a smile.

“De whole time ‘e kept tellin’ me ‘bout how ‘e was gonna eat me next.  But when ‘e was done, ‘e was wracked by a terrible headache. Den ‘e put his head in his hands ‘n cried.  When ‘e was done, ‘e looked up and said to me, “Dat was unexpected.” ‘E didn’t eat me, afta’ all. Instead, ‘e carried me back to ‘is home, and tied me up der.  ‘E said ‘e was mah  fada’ now, dat mah fada’s spirit was part o’im somehow from de eatin’.  An ya’ know, I t’ink ‘e was tellin’ da truth.  ‘E raised me as ‘is child.  I worked fa’ ‘im, cleanin’, cookin, doin’ whatevah’ ‘e tell me to.”

“We lived by ah’selves, jes ‘im & me.  ‘E was what you people would call a “witch docta,” an’ ‘e was very powerful, an’ very wise.  Occasionally we’d go visit one ‘a da nearby tribes to trade for supplies, or fa’ ‘im ta meet wit’ da elda’s to discuss t’ings.  Sometime’s we’d get visita’s comin’ ta ask fa ‘is wisdom.  De always marveled at me, called me ‘is “pretty pet.”  Dere was lotsa jokin’ about me bein’ a snack ‘e was savin’ fa lata’.  More den one asked if dey could have a nibble.  ‘E neva’ tol’ dem about de t’ing wit mah fada, o’ how ‘e felt about me, but ‘e made it very clear to all a’ dem dat I was ‘is and ‘is alone, and dat ‘e would rip out da heart o’ any dat touch me.  But dey always made it very clear dat ‘is protection was de only reason I wasn’t da next meal.  Dat’s how I spent the last 12 years.  Livin’ wit ma new fada’, tryin’ not ta get eatin’ by da trolls, by da tigers, by jes about everyt’ing.”

“I always was askin’ ‘im ta teach me ‘is magic, but ‘e neva’ would.  Instead ‘e teach me de magic o’ de plants in de jungle, an’ what ye can do wit’ dem.  I watch everyt’ing I could, and I learn little bits, but nothin’ real.  Den one day, I heard a voice.  A little voice dat offered ta teach me what ‘e wouldn’t.  An’ so I follow da voice to a small cave in da hills.  De voice tol’ me how to draw a strange circle in monkey blood, and tol’ me de words to say to summon ‘im to me.  ‘E gave me what I wanted.  ‘E taught me de magic my new fada’ wouldn’t.  I kept it a secret fa months, learnin’ from ‘im in stolen hours & minutes.” 

“Den one day ‘e found me wit mah new friend. ‘E was furious. ‘E said I what I was doin’ was evil an’ dat ‘e would soona’ eat me ‘imself den see me traffickin’ wit mah new friend.  I said to ‘im dat ‘e got no one to blame but ‘imself.  Dat I had learned more in dose few short months wit’ mah new friend den in my 12 years watchin’ ‘im.  I thought ‘e was gonna kill me right dere.  But ‘e didn’t.  ‘E jes hung ‘is head and said to go.  Get out and neva’ come back.  So I did.  I ran, and I ran until I found da road North.  I knew I needed ta get outa dere quick.  ‘E wasn’t protectin’ me any longa’, so if any a dem other trolls dat be lickin’ der lips at me fa’ 12 years past found me, I was a dead girl.  So I made mah way North, carefully, tryin’ not ta get eatin’ by da trolls, by da tigers, by jes about everyt’ing.”

She took deep, cathartic breath.  You suddenly shake your head, realizing just how focused you’d been.  “An’ das why I talk like dis.  So now you know.  T’anks for listenin.  I know it was a long story.  An t’anks for de handkerchief.  It looks so nice on mah new poppet.”  You’ve been so enraptured by the story that you never noticed that her hands had kept working on the project in her lap the whole time.  She held up a small doll made of plant husks and cloth.  Your handkerchief is tied around it’s throat.  She smiled fiercely. 

“You’ve been so helpful.  Now I need jes one more t’ing from you, but I don’t t’ink you be givin’ it willingly.”

Suddenly very uncomfortable under her piercing gaze, you stammer “Um.. What do you need.  I’m sure we could work something out?”

Suddenly a small… thing… with wings stepped out of the shadows behind her, it’s yes shining with a green fel-glow.  It smiles at you with a wicked grin.  She turned her gaze to the doll, and pulled out a sharp piece of bone from her hair.  “Dat’s de t’ing.  What I be needin’… is your soul.” With that she plunged the shard of bone into the hand of the doll.  Your hand bursts into pain, as if a knife had just been plunged into it.  She waved her hand over the head of the doll, and suddenly you realize you are running, running as far away as fast as you can in stark terror.  A stabbing pain erupts behind your knee and you fall to the ground writhing.  You look up and see her looking down at you, her hair draping down, looking even more snake like than before.

“T’anks for de meal, and de handkerchief, and everyt’ing else.”  And suddenly everything goes black.

Virgin Tanking BRD in a Bikini

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Did that title get your attention or what?

I finally completed dual-speccing my paladin, Dedeamona (Lightninghoof-US hordeside), into her Protection spec.  She’s been Holy since level 10, so this was a pretty big deal.  I selected my talents, using a spec shamelessly pulled from Wowhead.  I rebuilt her toolbars for her new identity.   I bought my glyphs, supplemented my random tanking items I already had with pieces from the auction house, and queued up for a dungeon!  She was level 58, and I had no desire to struggle with a DK for aggro on my first run, so I queued very specifically for BRD.  I figured that I’d out-level it a bit, and that my gear was plenty sufficient for it, so hopefully it would be a good place to try out pally tanking for the first time and learn what the heck I was doing.  I fully expected that the group would fall apart and not finish, because that’s what happened every other time I’ve run BRD in the past.  That’s right, you heard me.  I’ve never completed BRD before. No one in my pugs ever knew how their way through the damn thing.  So I clicked in for my instant queue fully expecting that things would fall apart in about an hour. 

Well, wasn’t I shocked when I had not one, but two people in my pug who knew what they were doing!  So we kept going.  And going.  AND GOING!  DAMN THAT IS A LONG DUNGEON!!!!!!!!

Ahem. Forgive me.  Moving on.

Three hours later we finally took down Emperor Dagran Thaurissan.  I was so tired, but I was thrilled.  I finally beat that place.  And now I don’t ever want to do it again, unless I’m going in with friends.

But I tanked it!  That’s right, on her virgin tankadin run, Desdeamona tanked BRD all the way through.  I didn’t do a half bad job, if I do say so myself!  I did however make the #1 “Pally Tank Newb Mistake” of all time.  That’s right, I forgot to turn on Righteous Fury for about the first 30 minutes.  And I gotta tell you, that was a rough 30 minutes.  I wasn’t holding aggro on anything for more than a few seconds.  Once I realized my mistake and clicked the freakin’ button, suddenly things weren’t so difficult anymore.  

I didn’t find a single upgrade from the whole run, so I guess her scabbed together gear wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I have to say, I absolutely love her chest piece right now.  And I was afraid when I equipped her first plate chest piece that it wasn’t going to be pretty.  Check out this bad girl!  Princess Leia, eat your heart out!  


That’s right.  That bikini top there is freakin’ PLATE MAIL! 

I love blood Elves.  Yep, I do.

And I love tanking. 

That is all.


Jizella’s Homecoming

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Versuvius is my Draenei shaman on Earthen Ring-US.  I plan on doing a background post on him, but I really wanted to get this out there.  So, here’s just a really quick background. He and his young daughter, Jizella, escaped from Draenor with their people, as one of the last groups of refugees.  She was swept off her feet by a human man during their first visit to Stormwind.  She stayed there while Versuvius returned to continue his work in Azuremyst, and after hearing whispers and rumors investigated and then joined the Netherbane  Demonhunters.   This was her return home, as RPed between myself and my wife, playing Jizella.  Some of the dialogue has been edited, and additional narration has been added, but largely, this is a pretty accurate dramatization. 

The old Draenei sat on the docks outside the Exodar awaiting the boat that would take him across the channel to Auberdine fishing rod in hand.  One of the small tentacles on his chin gently stroked the long white mustache that reached down to his chest.  The sun was low on the horizon line, the temperature was mild, and the fish were biting.  He listened to the wind.  It said today was a good day. He agreed.

A gentle voice came from his left, “Are the fish biting today?”

Versuvius looked up from the water, at the young Draenei girl standing a few feet away and gasped.  “Ji… Jizella,” he sputtered as he rose to his feet, the fishing rod forgotten on the pier, “What are you doing here?”  The young woman cautiously took a breath, as if to brace herself against an oncoming blast of wind.  “I thought you were staying in Stormwind.” he asked critically.

She replied bitterly, “I’ve decided I’ve had enough of humans and their world.”  Then she added softly, “I’ve come… home.”

Versuvius’ opened his mouth as if to speak, but was overwhelmed, not be able to form the words.  Finally he simply said, “I missed you.  I missed you very much.”  He slowly walked up to her, and firmly took hold of her shoulders.  She braced herself, for the coming storm of parental scolding… which never came.  Instead, he leaned in and gently kissed her on the forehead.  He pulled back and looked at her with eyes the color of ocean depths.  “Are you… Are you all right?”

“Yes,” she replied. “But I never want to see another human as long as I live,” she added with a touch of venom. 

Versuvius smiled sadly, “Oh my child,” and pulled her into deep bear hug.  She wrapped her arms around him and rested her cheek on his chest.  He seemed stronger, more alive than the last time they were together.

After a moment, they pulled apart, and Jizella leaned against a post, looking down into the water below.  “You were right. That human was horrid.  I never should have trusted him.  That very night, after I’d moved in, he came home, drunk, with another woman.  He said he “forgot” that I was there!” 

Versuvius let her keep her distance, “Oh my child, I’m so sorry.  I knew he wasn’t to be trusted.”

Her mouth tightened with hurt and anger at the memory.  “I left that night and haven’t been back since.” 

“I wish I’d stayed longer, rather than rushing back here.  I should’ve known something like that would’ve happened,” Versuvius replied.  Then he realized something was missing, “But if you weren’t staying with him… what did you do?”

She looked further out to sea, so that her father wouldn’t see her sly smile. “Not so hard to get by in the gentle wilds around Stormwind.  Much easier than during the aftermath back home.  I stayed in a cave I found out in Elwynn Forest…” she paused for effect, “and I met another charming fellow.”

Versuvius growled, “Another charming fellow?  Another human?”

Jizella turned to face her father with a grin.  He didn’t smile back.  She pointed down the pier, and his gaze slowly followed.  About 20 feet away, sitting calmly on the dock, was a large brown bear.  Jizella made a signal and he slowly made it to his feet and lumbered down the dock to nuzzle her hip, almost knocking her into the water.  She braced herself against the post and scratched behind his ear as he growled in pleasure.  “His name is Bernard.  He is very loyal.”

Versuvius scowl melted into a smile, and he chuckled heartily through the exchange.  He crouched down in front of the bear and looked into its large dark eyes.  “Hello Bernard,” he glanced at Jizella after saying the awkward name. “Pleased to meet you.”

“Don’t worry,” Jizella added.  “He’s really just a bear, not one of those druids that can look like a bear, or anything.”

Versuvius rose to his feet.  “You’ve been gone for some time.  Much has happened while you were gone.”

Jizella looked concerned, “What have you been doing?”

Versuvius turned to look at the hills beyond the Exodar, where Azure Watch could just be seen, and in the hidden distance beyond, to Blood Watch.  He took a deep breath, knowing where the conversation was heading.  “I spent several weeks helping our people rebuild and secure a safe haven on this island,” he said, stalling.

Jizella nodded and laughed gently, “That sounds just like you.”

Versuvius continued stalling, “Then I ventured into the nearby continent, into the lands of the Night Elves to relearn how to hear and speak with the spirits of this new world.”

“How did that go?” asked Jizella.

“I hear them more strongly than I did back home.  I have found the spirits of this new world… suit me.”

“Oh?” Jizella said, somewhat surprised.

“And… I have joined a crusade, against the Burning Legion.”

Sensing that there was more he was holding back, Jizella prodded, “Really?  What sort of crusade?”

Taking a deep breath, Versuvius proceeded cautiously, “They are called the Netherbane.” He paused, bracing himself.  “They are demonhunters.”

Silence.  Then, “What?!” she spat.

“Yes,” he replied.

“But… you are a shaman, not a demonhunter,” she shot back.  “What happened to peace and love and all of that?”

“Sadly I believe that the only way to achieve peace in a world that is under siege by the Burning Legion is to fight it…” he paused then pressed on, “to destroy it through any means necessary.”  Seeing her shocked expression, he added, “I’m doing this so that someday you may live in a world that they do not touch.  I think of you everyday.”

Jizella’s look of shock slowly shifted to one of disgust as she leaned in, whispering harshly, “I’ve heard about these demon hunters.  They cut their eyes out, did you know that?  Did you know that some of them become demons themselves?”

Versuvius held firm, like a stone being crashed by a wave, “I know all of this.  More importantly, I know why they do it.  They do what others are not willing to do, in order to save this world.  I think they are very noble.”

Jizella rolled her eyes, “Oh wonderful! So they are martyrs on top of it all!”

Versuvius smiled sadly, “Perhaps we are, at that.”

Jizella turned away and walked to the other side of the pier, shaking her head.  “I don’t like it.”

Versuvius continued solidly, “I don’t expect you to understand.” His voice choking on him, “This is not something I could have done before… before your mother…”

“Oh, stop!  Just stop!” She cut him off, whipping around to face him.  She took a breath to calm herself.  “What do you think the Naaru think of your sacrifice?”

Versuvius’ eyes flicked to the side, not meeting her glance.  “I believe the Naaru understand what is in our hearts better than most.”

“Ugh, that is just what they told you to think,” Jizella retorted.  “What happened to you?  You’re not thinking clearly!”

They have told me nothing about the subject,” Versuvius replied, his voice catching fire.  “That is what my heart tells me.  And I have stared in the face of O’ros since I made this decision.  I feel no shame.”

Jizella paced away from him in frustration, and then circled back to him, her expression softened.  “Father, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left you alone.  I know you were worried about me, and perhaps this radical group sucked you in because you had no one else.  But I am here now.  I will take care of you and you won’t need your demon friends anymore.”  She softly reached her hands out and took hold of his.

Versuvius firmly held her hands, and looked her square in the eye, “I am glad you have returned to our people.  More than you can ever understand.  I hope for nothing more than to see you fall in love and experience the joy of a family of your own.”  Jizella snorted and looked away at this, but Versuvius held on.  “But I cannot in good conscience turn away from my path.  I hear the voices of this world.  It is in pain.  It needs to be cleansed.  It needs to have this infection that is the Legion purged.”             

Jizella smiled as she would to a child, and gently stroked one of his tentacles, “I know, father, but it will get easier with time.  We just need to get you some help.” 

Versuvius stopped her hand, “Jizella. I do not need help.” 

She kept smiling and took his hand. “This is all the result of things they’ve told you, and probably some strange drugs, too.”

Versuvius’ jaw dropped in realization, “You think I’ve been brainwashed don’t you?”  Jizella only shrugged innocently as he continued, “You think they’ve indoctrinated me to believe whatever they tell me, don’t you?  Do you really think me so… simple, so weak and senile?”

“Father,” she replied.  “I still love you, and I’m here for you.  This is a new world, and this isn’t your fault.  We are still so new here, it’s not your fault they’ve taken advantage of you.  It happened to me too with that human.  It happened to both of us.”

Versuvius tore his hands away from her, his eyes alight with frustration, “They have not taken advantage of me.  I sought them out.  This is my choice, my path!” 

Jizella took hold of his hand again, “Come along father.  Let’s get you somewhere you can rest.  I’ll make you some soup.”  She turned to walk up the pier, pulling him behind her.

Pulling her back to face him, “I will not be patronized by my own daughter!  You may not understand my decision, but at least have the respect to recognize that it was my own choice!”

She nodded, “I know it was.  Now let’s get you home.  What sort of tea would you like me to brew for you?”

Versuvius stepped back.  “I don’t believe this.  I will not come home with you and be fed soup and tea like some sad, senile elder that is on death’s door!”

Jizella stayed deliberately calm, “Father, you are getting so defensive.  I’m only trying to help.  Soon, you will be well again.  And don’t worry about the Netherbane.  I will take care of them.  I will make sure that they never bother you again.”

A puzzled and concerned look crossing his face, Versuvius replied, “’Take care of them?’  Just what, child, you to you think you are going to do?”

“Don’t worry father,” she replied confidently.  “I will be safe.”

“No you don’t be,” he railed.  “The places I walk these days are dangerous.  They are filled with demons and Orcs bent on ripping this world apart as they did our homeland!”

“Well, I survived that.  I will be fine… though they will not.”  And with that she pivoted on a hoof and walked towards the entrance of the Exodar, deep in thought.  Bernard, who had stayed seated during all of this trotting along behind her. 

Versuvius held his ground, “Where do you think you’re going?”

She turned and yelled back, “I’m going to make you tea!” She then turned again and continued on, the setting sun at her back casting long shadows. 

After sputtering for a second, “Jizella, come back here!  We aren’t finished with this!”  Her stride didn’t falter for second.  Versuvius stood there in shock at what had just happened.  He reached down and picked up his forgotten fishing pole and sat down to think about this new development.  He asked the wind what it thought he should do.  He got no reply.

Where did Outland go? I think I missed it…

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So Rayzorstorm hit 70 last night!  Woohoo!  It’s about freakin time, sheesh.   Guess what?  So did Lahruna!  Happy level 70’s!  Yay! 

So, I had an interesting realization.  I don’t feel like I saw very much of Outland.  Thinking back, we entered at 58, walked through the Dark Portal.  We made our way to Honor Hold.  Did some questing around there.   Made our way to Shattrath, and used it as a hub.  Ran a bunch of dungeons!  However, looking at the list of Outland dungeons, I sure missed a bunch!  Here’s my progress on Outland Dungeonmaster:

There’s SO MANY I haven’t done!  I feel so cheated!  What zones?  How much of Outland did I really see?  Well, I saw most of Hellfire Peninsula, for sure.  Ran all over that place.  Saw a bit of Terrokar Forest.  Especially around the big ole complex that has all of those Ethereals dungeons, Mana Tombs, Auchenai Crypts, etc.  Touched down in Nagrand very briefly just to farm a little leather, for all of maybe 30 minutes…  Flew over Zangarmarsh… Flew over Blades Edge Mountains on our way to Netherstorm, since we suddenly realized that we were 67 and needed to get out of Hellfire Peninsula.  Didn’t even set foot in Shadowmoon Valley.  Leveling in Netherstorm was painfully slow, so halfway through 68 when someone told us we could now hop over to Borean Tundra in Northrend, we were gone! 

So now I’m standing in Northrend, just dinged 70, and I’m asking myself… Where did Outland go?  I feel just a little cheated.

On the plus side, last night I got to see my first INTERNET DRAGON that wasn’t trying to eat my face off!

And, for posterity, here’s what Rayzorstorm looks like at level 70, with a little gear I got from my VERY FIRST RAID! (More on that and my Epic Floor Tanking skills later)

Oh, and I was totally going to post a pic of what Rayzor looks like in bear form now, but then I realized… He looks the same as he always looked…  That might constitute a post of its own…


Am I a “Softy Healer”? (Blog Azeroth Shared Topic)

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In this week’s shared topic on Blog Azeroth Ecclesiasticaldiscipline posed a question that grew out of her post on how Healers Rule 5-Mans.  Her question is when, as a healer, should you let someone die?

I don’t talk about it very much, but I do heal 5-Mans on my Blood Elf holy pally, Desdeamona, pretty regularly.  I have also been healing in lowbie 5-Mans on my Ele Shaman Versuvius, though he is not specced for it.  At this level his healing is sufficient, and the gear overlap between Ele and Resto helps as well (and I sunk 5 points into the resto tree to help a bit). I have no illusions that I’m an amazing healer, but rarely do people die on my watch.  So I do have perspective on this subject.

Listening to this discussion, I think I’m a “softy healer.”  I personally can’t remember ever actually making the decision that I would no longer heal someone and just let them die.  Part of it comes from a belief that I just shouldn’t do that, and part of it comes from the mindset I’m in when I heal.  I have a natural mental priority in my mind when I’m healing: Me, Tank, DPS, DPS’s Pets.  Yes, I always heal pets as long as things aren’t going to shit.  All DPS are pretty much created equal to me on Healbot.  I have certainly healed people that were pissing me off mostly because I have hard time overriding that instinct.  However, if someone is being a jerk, I may prioritize other dps over them.  If that means they die, then they die, but I will not consciously stop healing them.  I just really have a hard time declaring that I will no longer fulfill the role I promised to do by checking the little box (man, I think I have WAY to large  a sense of duty to a little box). 

Now, I HAVE refused to res someone when we wiped and I had to run back too.  That’s my rule: If I have to run, you have to run. If they are running back, and get lost, that’s different. I’ll res them in the interest of keeping things moving (and out of lots of sympathy, there’s been several times when I couldn’t find my way back into the instance *nasty glare at Blackrock Depths*).

I also wanted to comment on Ecclesiasticaldiscipline’s thoughts about healer’s power in 5-Mans.  Her point was that she finds that healers have more clout in 5-Man’s due to the fact that there is a nasty blame game between tank & dps, while healers stand outside that conflict as a powerful neutral party.  I completely agree with this.  When I tank, I feel a huge rush of relief when a healer backs me in a conflict.  I get incredibly nervous and listen hard when a healer starts to criticize me.  As a healer, I always take a side in these conflicts, and my vote usually swings things. Also as a tank, I pace the run to the healers mana, so they actually set the pace of the run.  It’s very interesting how much power they do have.  I probably don’t wield this power like a I could. 

What do you think, am I a “softy healer?”


Mind Control made me feel AWESOME!

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Last night we were running a random dungeon and got the Auchenai Crypts for the very first time. I encountered something I never really have before: Mind Control.  It comes from the Phantasmal Possessor, which are summoned by the Auchenai Soulpriest.  You are controlled for a whole minute!  Keep in mind that I’m the tank.  So not only did I start attacking my team mates, but all the mobs go crazy.  So why, you ask, did I feel so awesome? Because I scared the crap out of my teammates!  I swear I got bigger!  And yes, I know its bad that I take a little glee in the fact that I almost ate our healer, but I really have a little giggle to myself at the image of my bear tearing apart our team.  Why? Because I felt badass!  There I was, my big-bear self, tearing aroung the room mauling the clothies!  I so often am used to getting totally pwned in battlegrounds that I think I’ve developed a complex that I’m this lousy, undergeared, wus.  It gave me a small amount of satisfaction that when thrown against  other toons that aren’t twinked out for pvp, I eat their face.

Was it mature? No. Was it a good team mind-set? No.  Did I still giggle like a 12 year old? Yes.



In-Game Precedent! Hunters CAN Tame Druids!

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere, I’m sure you’ve heard the debate raging across the WoW community calling for hunters to be able to tame druids.  Well I found precedent! 

Last night I notice the most interesting thing while running the Underbog.  You encounter a Broken hunter named Swamplord Muse’lek, who is accompanied by a bear named Windcaller Claw.  This is clearly his hunter pet.  After you defeat them both, the bear turns out to be a Tauren druid who turns back into his natural form and sits down.  If you talk to him he says the following:

“How embarrassing to be taken as a pet by a hunter!”

Did you get that?  He’s a druid, and he was under the hunter’s control until you defeat them.  He was TAMED BY THE HUNTER!  It’s precedent!  PRECEDENT, I tell you!



Druids get flight form, dummy!

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So I finally made it to level 60!  You know what that means? 

I get to fly!

So what did I do?  I ran straight to Honor Hold to the flight trainer, plopped down my 200 gold for flight training, and like, 85 gold for my pretty little snowy griffon, and I took off! 

After about 5 minutes of this, I had an abrupt realization.

Rayzorstorm is a druid.  Guess what? 



Oh well.  My snowy griffon is really pretty anyhow. 


PS-  While flying around Outland for the first time, I couldn’t help but hum the flying song from Disney’s Peter Pan, here are the lyrics for a little nostalgia!

JOHN:”Can you really fly?”
PETER:”I’ll teach you.”
MICHAEL: “How do you do it?”
PETER: “Oh, you Just think lovely, wonderful, happy thoughts. And up you go!”
I’m flying
(Flying, flying, flying)
Look at me way up high,
Suddenly here am I
I’m flying.

I’m flying
(Flying, flying, flying)
I can soar
I can weave and what’s more
I’m not even trying

High up, and as light as I can be.
I must be a sight lovely to see.

I’m flying.
(Flying, flying, flying)
Nothing will stop me now:
Higher still look at how
I can zoom around,
‘Way up off the ground
I’m flying.

I fly and I’m all over the place
You try and you fall flat on your face

I’m flying.
(Flying, flying, flying)
Over bed, over chair
Duck your head, clear the air
Oh, what lovely fun
Watch me everyone
Take a look at me
A see how easily it’s done
I’m flying!

Oh, teach us Peter, please, teach us!

First I must blow the fairy dust on you!
Now think lovely thoughts

Think lovely thoughts
Think lovely thoughts



Lovelier thoughts, Michael!


Ah, ah, flying!
Like an owl, like a bat,
Or the crow,
It’s so satisfying!
ALL: (Overlapping each other)
I’m whizzing
Through a cloud
Past the star
I’m so proud
Look how far I breeze in
High over the moon
Higher I fly
By old mister moon
Wave me goodbye

JOHN: Let’s go at once to Neverland!

I’m flying.
(Flying, flying, flying)
Heading far out of sight
Second star to the right
Now the way is clear
Never Land is near
Follow all the air
Cause I’m about to disappear
Wendy, Michael, John! Tinkerbelle, c’mon! Hurry up and follow me or soon I will be gone!
I’m flying!

Ending their World: I finished the Draeni Starting Zone!

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Yesterday I completed the climactic quest for the Draeni starting zone, Ending Their World, on my new Draeni shaman, Versuvius.  This is a quest given to you by Demolitionist Legoso over at Vindicator’s Rest. Apparently it is only available to Draeni players, which is only appropriate.  It also appears, according to some discussion on Wowhead about this quest, that you have to also have completed What We Know, though it appears the quests following that are optional.  Ideally you do What We Know, followed by What We Don’t Know, then Vindicators Rest, and then you can complete a much of Clearing the Way while doing Ending Their World.

This quest is awesome!  I think its the coolest escort quest I’ve seen so far.  (Note: I’m sure there’s some better one out there, I just haven’t done it)  You are escorting Demolitionist Legoso to the Vector Coil, which the Blood Elves are using as a generator of some kind.  The area is swarming with elite Blood Elves.   You really need two people to do it, though Demolitionist Legoso is totally badass.  He will tank, he will heal, and he will generally pound in some pretty Blood Elf faces.  And then, he blows up the Vector Coil.  Now you have to slay the Blood Elf leader, Sironas.  What’s awesome is that Sironas looks alot like you.  She’s an Eredar.  I honestly can’t remember if that had been revealed before hand, but I apparently missed it, so it was an exciting revelation to me!

Sironas getting ready to do something epic! ... Ya know... she's kind of hot!

You then press ahead up and around the Vector Coil.  You see Sironas standing siphoning energy from the Vector Coil, standing at the focal point of 3 electrical arcs.  You kill a bunch of the Blood Elves protecting her, and then you go after her.  Though it is not timed, it has the feeling of the classic trope “Beat up the goons before the villain completes their master plan.”  She turns to face you, and then grows.  I mean she grows really big!  And then you get to kill her, all epic-like.  When you’re done you head back to Blood Watch to turn it in. 

Here’s the part I wasn’t expecting.  After turning in the quest to Exarch Admetius, as you walk out of his building at the top of the Blood Watch hill, you are greeted on both sides by all of the warriors of Blood Watch and every important NPC you’ve met so far: The Triumvirate Hand from there at Blood Watch, the fishing girl you greets you on your way to Azure Watch for the first time, High Chief Stillpine, and lots of citizens… and at the end of the aisle is the Prophet Velen.  He thanks you and proclaims you a hero of the Draeni people.  Obviously this made use of phasing, which is just so darn cool!

All I can say is, WOW!

If you are rolling a Draeni, do NOT skip this quest.  Do NOT leave the starting zone until you’ve done this, or at least come back at level 20 to do this quest.  You are missing out if you do. 


(NOTE: The screenshots are not my own.  I ripped them shamelessly from Wowhead.  I really need to remember to take more screenshots of the awesome stuff that happens.)