Welcome to the WoW Storm!

Here is my first post.  I plan this blog to be all about my exploration of my favorite game, World of Warcraft.  I am looking at the game from the perspective of being a fairly new player (just over a year) who has no level 80’s.  There’s a ton of content that I will be seeing for the first time.  I greatly enjoy taking in the lore of the world, and discovering the abilities of my classes.  I play several toons, primarily a Night Elf Druid (Darrien- Dawnbringer), a Blood Elf Holy Paladin (Desdaemona- Lightninghoof), a Night Elf Warrior (Morgaunt- Uldaman) and a Human Frost Mage (Mykale- Cenarius).  All of these toons are currently mid level, 40-50 ish.  I plan on posting about my experiences discovering the world of Azeroth, as well as my musings from my constantly growing blogroll.



2 Responses to “Welcome to the WoW Storm!”

  1. Welcome to the WoW “blogosphere”.. 🙂

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