Wrapping up Arathi!

Last night I was casually running around the Arathi Highlands on Desdaemona, who is currently level 41. I finished up a decent quest string involving gathering different pieces of sigils to ultimately end up opening the tomb of the dead Stromgarde king, Thoras Trollbane, and taking his sword back to a troll in Hammerfall. Apparently the trolls are not very fond of said king, since he drove out the trolls from their home. While this was a not a difficult quest string, it was entertaining cutting my way through swaths of human militia over several visits. The juicy lore didn’t really come into play until close to the end of the quest. Des has now cleaned out her quest log for Arathi and Hillsbrad, so I need to decide where to continue leveling her. I have made some forays into Dustwallow Marsh, and I do have some quests over there, but I’m wondering if there are any good places to level a Horde toon through their 40’s in Eastern Kingdoms? Any suggestions anyone?



One Response to “Wrapping up Arathi!”

  1. I need to find more stuff like this. Amazing writing skills, We need more of you on the Internet!

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