Why not make skill=skill?

I’ve been hearing lots of discussion about about the new Cataclysm gearing changes, and I’m noticing an interesting trend.  So many people seem to consider proper gearing to be the primary challenge of WOW, which I find absolutely ludicrous.  In my mind, gear should be something that allows you to be more powerful, and not being geared should be something that is preventing you from achieving your potential.  Why should my ability to manuever the complex math of secondary stats (which I am slowly starting to understand) be the major determinant of my characters power?  It shouldn’t be a mystery whether a drop is an upgrade for me, especially when I am required to make a snap decision of Need/Greed.  What should be the real determinant is how well my character manuevers through the challenges of the encounter.  Why is it that placing the ability to be un-crittable in talents rather than gear making the game easier?  The skill of a tank should be in how well he tanks, shouldn’t it?  

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be reading about this subject more and more between now and whenever Cataclysm finally rolls out, and I’m sure I’ll have more to say about it as the subject develops.



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