Darrien -> Razorstorm -> Rayzorstorm

From the minute I saw Miss Medicina mention the creation of Single Abstract Noun on Argent Dawn-US, I started seriously thinking about rolling a new toon on that realm. I’d been thinking that I really needed a toon somewhere that actually used my longtime handle and now blogging pseudonym, Razorstorm, and this idea of a social guild full of chatty bloggers just made me giddy thinking about it. So I popped open the Droid Armory on my phone and checked to see if there were any “Razorstorm’s” on Argent Dawn. To my delight, none popped up! “Woohoo!” I thought, followed by, “Ah, man, another alt that I’m really going to want to play. At this rate I’m never going to get a toon to 80!” Then I had a wonderful idea, paid character transfer.

I’ve always thought of Darrien on Dawnbringer as my main, since he was my first toon, my highest level toon (not that it’s very impressive…) and he’s also the one I most identify as me, since it’s the one I play with my wife. The problem is that we have had a devil of a time finding a decent guild. I have come to realize that an active guild chat channel is one of my major factors of guild enjoyment. We don’t ask much from a guild. We quest together, we dungeon together, and we don’t take much from a bank. We don’t like to get power-leveled through dungeons that are too high for us. Mostly we just want community. We had found a small lovely group of players that were all friends in real life, and we just fit right in. And then at some point they all took a WOW hiatus, or switched their efforts to alts on other realms, or something. Whatever the cause, we were left with a silent guild chat, and usually only us online. We were low rank, so we couldn’t invite others, and we had very limited bank access. Finally we just left and joined some other guild that was recruiting in trade chat. This one was also quiet and boring. And then we tried a third with similar results. Lately we just haven’t played them because my wife has been too busy, and I get in trouble if I play Darrien without her. So I’ve been working on alts, mainly Desdaemona lately. The founding of SAN gave me a great idea: Transfer Darrien and Laruna (my wife’s warlock) to Argent Dawn and join.
I realized when doing the setting up the transfer that I would have to change Darrien’s name (Laruna didn’t have to change her’s which made it an easy sell to my wife). This wasn’t such a bad thing since I really liked the idea of having a toon named for my longtime handle: Razorstorm. I looked it up on the armory, and it said the name was free. Unfortunately, the armory lied. When it came time to change Darrien’s name, Razorstorm was not available, so I settle instead for Rayzorstorm, which is still pretty cool. However, I am totally irked by the fact that someone has my name, but is clearly less than level 10, or else the Armory would have picked them up. So some bank alt or other has my name! /grumble. So, whoever Razorstorm on Argent Dawn, I hope you value that name. And if you happen to be Horde, oh boy, you better watch out if I run into you in a battleground!
So, to wrap it all up, last night I did the transfer, today I joined the guild, and tonight I am sitting at my computer just staring at the busiest guild chat channel I have ever seen, and loving every minute of it! Now I have to peal my eyes from the chat channel and go farm some leather!
-Razorstorm (or Rayzorstorm, I guess I can get used to that…)


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