Desdeamona the Silk Baron(ess)

Desdeamona (Holy Pally 42 Lightninghoof) is my wealthiest toon. Keep in mind that this is all relative, considering that I have no 80’s. She has made this gold via selling the ore from her mining, and from periodic stints of aggressively playing the auction house. I don’t have the will to play the AH all the time, as is required to be trully awesome at it, but about one day a week or so I jump in and have some fun. Sunday was such a day. I signed on to Des to realize that I had several stacks of various ores that needed to be put up in the AH, along with a bunch of silk.

I’m not super sophisticated about this. I don’t use Auctioneer or anything like that (though I’m starting to think I should). In fact, I’m using the method developed by my beautiful wife, Laruna. We know that we basically reinvented the wheel, here, but we did reinvent it on our own, which makes us awfully proud of ourselves.

One of these Auction House days begins when I go to put something up for auction and realize that some idiot, or often several idiots, has put up some amount of whatever I wanted to sell for well below what the market is willing to pay. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because I’m working on an MBA, but I don’t just find this irritating, I find it offensive. I proceed to buy up every piece or stack of said item that is below the price I want to set, and put them all back on at that price. This has never failed to net me a tidy profit, but also has the side benefit of making me feel very powerful, like some kingpin from the industrial revolution. Now, I know that the misguided souls who put up the underpriced goods still got what they wanted, but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. The important thing is that I make some amount of profit and get to have the joy that comes from controlling a market, if only for a day.

So yesterday I started pulling the above stunt on the silk market. It wasn’t long into buying up the underpriced silk that I started feeling like I’d bought off more than I could chew. There was just so much of it, and I swear more was popping up between my brief walks from the auctioneer to the mailbox and back. I started having second thoughts, but I wasn’t about to back down now! So I spent much more than I was really comfortable with, but eventually my conquest was complete. Unfortunately I had to sign off and leave the market to its own devices. I have thus terrible feeling that much of that silk will come back to me after it expires, undercut by a day’s worth of cheaper postings. The lesson I’m taking away from this is to not try to do a hostile take-over of a larger market like silk unless I can sign in several times throughout the day to reinforce my stranglehold.

I’ll give a report in a few days about whether or not most of that silk comes back to me unsold. I’m okay if some does, but hopefully only a small amount. Regardless, it was pretty fun, and for a day Desdeamona got to be the Baroness of Silk.


3 Responses to “Desdeamona the Silk Baron(ess)”

  1. Great to see somebody else admitting to having no L80’s.

    I’m interested to know how you figure out market prices without Auctioneer. Do you track it manually or do you focus on a particular market that you can just remember?

    • That’s a really good question. I’d like to say that I have a statistically valid method of tracking this, but I don’t. I mostly do it by paying attention to markets over time. I have a general concept of the value. What I usually do is look at the going prices, and aim for not quite the average, but a little lower. Then I buy up everything priced below that, and put it all back in at that value. I’ll often have some things come back to me unsold, but I usually make enough profit that I don’t mind the lost deposit.

  2. […] Fall of the Baroness I made a post recently about Desdeamona’s attempt to be the Silk Baronesses of Lightninghoof. I realized that I hadn’t followed through on my promise to report my […]

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