The 10th Layer of Hell: Grinding for mats that won’t drop

I finally ventured into Searing Gorge with Rayzorstorm (previously Darrien), my Feral Druid level 48, in search of Sarah Tanner to begin delving into Elemental Leatherworking.  I had never been into Searing Gorge before with any toon.  Previous to this it was only a place that I dared see from the back of a griffon, a scary place where big fiery mobs with ?? for their level are everywhere.  It was a little spooky to walk in there and realize, “wait a second, I’m the right level to be here!”  I proceeded to find Sarah and embark on a quest to gather Hearts of Fire, Globes of Water, Cores of Earth, and Breaths of Wind.  Actually, I already had Cores of Earth sitting in the bank from some random questing, so I was 3 out of 4.  I started with Hearts of Fire, since they could be found on Magma and Inferno Elementals right nearby.  I looked them up on and saw that the drop rates were low, 5-7%, but that anything else with higher drop rates was well out of my range.  So I went to work as a kitty tearing up countless elementals, making endless loops around Searing Gorge (I even got the achievement for exploring it!).  This began a grinding process that went for hours and hours and hours, just to get 2 Hearts of Fire.

My poor guildies on Single Abstract Noun were so nice to me, giving me sympathy as I moaned about the cruelty of getting Elemental Fires instead of Hearts of Fire.  Luckily the gchat is so entertaining and active that it kept me in good spirits.  I whooped and cheered and did the happy bear dance when I finally got the second Heart of Fire to drop.  This joy was quickly dampened by the realization that I needed to do it again for the Globes of Water.  I then flew to Feralas (crazy long commute!) to gather the Globes from Sea Sprays and Sea Elementals.  This became another few hours of grinding elementals just to get 2 Globes.  This was made more dangerous by the involvement of large Sea Giants that invariably can be found near these water elementals, and happen to love squishing druid kitties by ganging up them 2-on-1.  No one said mobs were fair.  I died a few times to these giants, but that wasn’t much of a problem.  The problem was the hours upon endless hours that I spent grinding my way through elementals for the quest mats.  If it hadn’t been for the saving grace of SAN guild chat, I think I would’ve lost it.  Again, when it finally dropped the second Globe, I whooped and hollered and did the happy bear dance.  Now to get the Breaths of Wind from some air elementals in Tanaris!  I’m almost done!

The Happy Bear Dance

Something that struck me as very ironic was that I actually got some decent drops during this process.  I found  some very sellable greens, along with some elemental fire and water, which tend to sell quite well in the auction house.  However, I didn’t give a damn, because they weren’t Hearts of Fire or Globes of Water

I have conceived of a new layer of Hell.  Enter the 10th Layer, where the poor lost souls are damned to wander the world grinding endless waves of mobs, only needing one more item to finish their quest, but never actually finding it.  What a terrible fate that would be.  /shudder



2 Responses to “The 10th Layer of Hell: Grinding for mats that won’t drop”

  1. I am all the sudden very happy that I didn’t pursue leatherworking!

    I think that the 10th Layer would be fitting. That punishment, forever and ever on end? /shudder

  2. I love the happy bear dance!

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