The Fall of the Baroness

I made a post recently about Desdeamona’s attempt to be the Silk Baroness of Lightninghoof. I realized that I hadn’t followed through on my promise to report my results. 

Result: Failure. 

It turned out that despite how many stacks of silk I bought, and I bought a lot of silk, as soon as I left the AH someone would put up some more.  It wasn’t long before there was enough lower priced silk to push my stacks a long ways down the roster.  While I may have had the money to take over the market, I simply didn’t have the time.   I would’ve had to sit  there checking in every 15 minutes to keep buying up the new stacks.  I left it alone and went adventuring. 

When I came back 48 hours later, my mailbox was full of expired silk.  When I say full I mean full, as in so full the system couldn’t deliver all of it because my mailbox was completely jammed with stacks of silk.  Sure, I made some gold from a few stacks that did sell, but I was swamped in stacks of silk that hadn’t sold.  I guess I could’ve turned right around and put them back on the auction house, but I just didn’t have the will after sifting through all that silk. 

Lesson learned: Don’t tangle with a monstrous market like silk.  this strategy would probably work fine on a smaller market, and one person might succeed in controlling the price, but it would take steady dedication.



2 Responses to “The Fall of the Baroness”

  1. I would check out the Auctioneer addon. At the very least, it allows you to price all of your silk at once and automate posting it.

  2. I plan on downloading it. This was an experiment to see if I could actually raise the server price of silk on this realm, which feels lower than all the other servers I play on.

    How is auctioneer functioning after the patch launch? I heard some folks saying they thought it would be a little crazy right after the launch due to the AH changes. Is it working?

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