A Dungeon for Two, and Musings on Neutral Towns

Last night I was playing Desdeamona  and realized she was at the perfect level to venture into Searing Gorge.  So I grabbed a guildie, a hunter, and we went tromping on in there.  Can anyone explain to me why Thorium point is a neutral town, and not Alliance only?  Thus far, neutral cities I’ve seen in the Old World all follow a certain pattern.  They are either goblin centered, and maintain neutrality for trade reasons, Booty Bay, Gadgetzan, and Ratchet, or they are Druidic, such as Moonglade, or that mostly Tauren spot in Felwood.   And they always have NPC’s from both factions.  At Thorium point, it’s all dwarves and humans, except for the Horde flight master.  Can anyone explain this to me?

Well anyway, level 47-48 is like THE time to go to Searing Gorge.  Everything is the right level, and you get a massive group of quests to propel you through a few levels.  We grabbed about 10 quests, which necessitated dropping about 10 quests (I was getting bored with Stranglethorn Vale and Dustwallow Marsh anyway! /Abandon!), and went off.  What was so great is that, if you do this, practically every mob wandering around factors into one of your quests, so if you see it, KILL IT!  After doing a bunch of the quests around the Cauldron, we turned in the few completed quests, sold our bag-fulls of greys, and ventured into the Cauldron to knock off about 5 quests.  This place is a true dungeon!  I’m so glad there were two of us.  You could totally do it by yourself, but with two, it’s nice.  It’s also huge.  This place took longer to run through than any dungeon I’ve ran, probably right on par with when I soloed Deadmines on my lvl 30 warrior the old-school way, starting from the surface and walking to the instance.  All in all it took about 2 hours.  But dang it was cool!  You’ve got massive caverns, big bridges over lava, and fire-breathing dinosaurs! (Are Incendosaurs trainable?  If so, I am so getting me one of those when I roll a hunter in Cataclysm!)

Big thanks to my guildie, Dominaelm, for being awesome and getting lost with me!  Good times!

-Razorstorm (Happy Easter!)


One Response to “A Dungeon for Two, and Musings on Neutral Towns”

  1. Windsoar Says:

    It did not originally have a flight master for either faction, and was completely neutral. Alliance used to run from Loch Modan, and Horde from the Badlands FP.

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