WTB Female Horde- Blood Elves need not apply

My wife and I put forth a valiant effort on Noblegarden this week, and if I do say so myself, I became quite the egg snatcher.  I have a new motto:  “Camping kills fun!”  I never camped.  I chose instead to run like a madman in a general circuit, and snatch eggs.  This did, of course, require not being in Goldshire, which I found far too congested for any successful egg snatching.  I decided I am quite fond of Kharanos, in fact.  I have decided that druids make excellent egg-snatchers using their travel form!  We grabbed SO MANY EGGS… SO MANY EGGS… one more time now… SO MANY EGGS!  We found all of the needed components from the eggs, except one, the elusive Elegant Dress, which neither of us was ever able to get from a random egg. 

We took breaks from egg-snatching to go put bunny-ears on random unsuspecting females.  I came to the realization that unless you can reach Dalaran, it is ridiculously difficult to bunny-ear any horde females other than Blood Elves.  We even ran deep into Horde territory and stood outside Undercity, and even blitzed around Brill, the Crossroads, “Tauren-town-that-I-can’t-remember-the-name-of,” and Razor Hill, all to no avail.  (Note that this only even remotely works on non-PvP servers!  As it was we accidentally drew the attention of some guards with skulls in place of levels and ran like hell!)  I am actually convinced that the Horde on Argent Dawn-US doesn’t recognize Noble Garden except possibly in the Blood Elf town, that being the only Horde egg-hiding town that we didn’t visit.  We had one thrilling moment of victory when we were perched on a outcrop at the Crossroads, saw a Blood Elf female, and proceeded to leap off the hill and run through the town zapping the poor shocked Blood Elf and getting the hell out of dodge!  After that, we couldn’t find a single female Horde anywhere at the other towns, except Blood Elves. (oh so many Blood Elves!)

At this point we decided to try our hand at finding some in battlegrounds.  Luckily, we recently hit our 50’s, so we could queue for Alterac Valley, which is HUGE!  We figured we’d totally be able to see a few Horde females there.  Indeed we did.  My wife managed to bag a Forsaken chick, and I bunnied a female Tauren.  Note that these were after two successive battlegrounds.  We spent most of the time flailing helplessly as we got chewed up and spit out.  We could only take so much of this before giving up. 

At this point we decided that we just weren’t going to get that darn title, and we gave up.  Raise a glass to our Not-So-Noble-Garden!  One of these days we’ll finish a holiday…



One Response to “WTB Female Horde- Blood Elves need not apply”

  1. Correction Dear, I did find an elegant dress in the very last egg I opened. 🙂

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