Recently Obsessed with Lore: Story of Arthas

Okay, so lately I have become quite obsessed with WoW Lore.  I have been skewing my voracious appetite for WoW media, (blogs, podcasts, etc) to favor stuff that is dripping in lore (Mmmmm… lore drippings… yum).  It actually begain about a month ago when my wife and I spent several hours watching some YouTube videos about Arthas.  I feel the need to highly recommend the 12-part series “Story of Arthas” by Glyndis08.  It is a artfully strung series of cinematics and game sequences from Warcraft 3 that shows Arthas’ arc from paladin to Lich King incredibly well.  I totally recommend watching them.

         Video 1

         Video 2

         Video 3

         Video 4

         Video 5

         Video 6

         Video 7

         Video 8

         Video 8.5

         Video 9

         Video 10

         Video 11

         Video 12

I highly checking out this well done sequence.  I really feel like I finally got a good grasp of the Lich King storyline. 

More posts to come on my exploration of WoW lore and role-playing.



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