Lyrical Screenshots (thanks Anea!)

Thanks to my friend Anea at Oh Look an Alt, I have something fun to put up.  I’ve been very distracted lately, mostly with rolling a new toon on Earthen Ring and role-playing.  Oh, and getting a new job.  So anyway, very distracted. But this was a fun way for me to get back on the blog horse!

So… post a screenshot and attach some song lyrics to go with it.  Here goes!  It’s an old pic, but I love it so!

Look for the Bear Necessities, those good ole Bear Necessities! Forget about your worry and your strife! I mean the Bear Necessities, or Mother Nature's recipes, that bring the Bear necesities of life!



3 Responses to “Lyrical Screenshots (thanks Anea!)”

  1. The dance and that song go so perfectly together. All bouncy and happy and carefree.

    Gawd, I haven’t seen that movie in forever…

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