Ending their World: I finished the Draeni Starting Zone!

Yesterday I completed the climactic quest for the Draeni starting zone, Ending Their World, on my new Draeni shaman, Versuvius.  This is a quest given to you by Demolitionist Legoso over at Vindicator’s Rest. Apparently it is only available to Draeni players, which is only appropriate.  It also appears, according to some discussion on Wowhead about this quest, that you have to also have completed What We Know, though it appears the quests following that are optional.  Ideally you do What We Know, followed by What We Don’t Know, then Vindicators Rest, and then you can complete a much of Clearing the Way while doing Ending Their World.

This quest is awesome!  I think its the coolest escort quest I’ve seen so far.  (Note: I’m sure there’s some better one out there, I just haven’t done it)  You are escorting Demolitionist Legoso to the Vector Coil, which the Blood Elves are using as a generator of some kind.  The area is swarming with elite Blood Elves.   You really need two people to do it, though Demolitionist Legoso is totally badass.  He will tank, he will heal, and he will generally pound in some pretty Blood Elf faces.  And then, he blows up the Vector Coil.  Now you have to slay the Blood Elf leader, Sironas.  What’s awesome is that Sironas looks alot like you.  She’s an Eredar.  I honestly can’t remember if that had been revealed before hand, but I apparently missed it, so it was an exciting revelation to me!

Sironas getting ready to do something epic! ... Ya know... she's kind of hot!

You then press ahead up and around the Vector Coil.  You see Sironas standing siphoning energy from the Vector Coil, standing at the focal point of 3 electrical arcs.  You kill a bunch of the Blood Elves protecting her, and then you go after her.  Though it is not timed, it has the feeling of the classic trope “Beat up the goons before the villain completes their master plan.”  She turns to face you, and then grows.  I mean she grows really big!  And then you get to kill her, all epic-like.  When you’re done you head back to Blood Watch to turn it in. 

Here’s the part I wasn’t expecting.  After turning in the quest to Exarch Admetius, as you walk out of his building at the top of the Blood Watch hill, you are greeted on both sides by all of the warriors of Blood Watch and every important NPC you’ve met so far: The Triumvirate Hand from there at Blood Watch, the fishing girl you greets you on your way to Azure Watch for the first time, High Chief Stillpine, and lots of citizens… and at the end of the aisle is the Prophet Velen.  He thanks you and proclaims you a hero of the Draeni people.  Obviously this made use of phasing, which is just so darn cool!

All I can say is, WOW!

If you are rolling a Draeni, do NOT skip this quest.  Do NOT leave the starting zone until you’ve done this, or at least come back at level 20 to do this quest.  You are missing out if you do. 


(NOTE: The screenshots are not my own.  I ripped them shamelessly from Wowhead.  I really need to remember to take more screenshots of the awesome stuff that happens.)


One Response to “Ending their World: I finished the Draeni Starting Zone!”

  1. It really is such an epic chain and it’s too bad that all races don’t have an equivalent. PLUS, you get the whole ticker tape parade at the very end of it and your own tabard that no one else can have.

    Being a Draenei is awesome, huh?

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