In-Game Precedent! Hunters CAN Tame Druids!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere, I’m sure you’ve heard the debate raging across the WoW community calling for hunters to be able to tame druids.  Well I found precedent! 

Last night I notice the most interesting thing while running the Underbog.  You encounter a Broken hunter named Swamplord Muse’lek, who is accompanied by a bear named Windcaller Claw.  This is clearly his hunter pet.  After you defeat them both, the bear turns out to be a Tauren druid who turns back into his natural form and sits down.  If you talk to him he says the following:

“How embarrassing to be taken as a pet by a hunter!”

Did you get that?  He’s a druid, and he was under the hunter’s control until you defeat them.  He was TAMED BY THE HUNTER!  It’s precedent!  PRECEDENT, I tell you!




3 Responses to “In-Game Precedent! Hunters CAN Tame Druids!”

  1. Considering the hunter who did this taming feat of epic proportion is a member of the race only referred to as “The Broken”, I find it quite apt.

    Because it would be.. you know, broken.

    I’ll be over there.

  2. I find this disturbing.

  3. […] Taming Druids? Dragonshade at Glimpses of Azeroth talks about Dishu, the Druid-look-alike-kitty, while TheWowStorm cites precedent for hunters taming druids. […]

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