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A Letter Goodbye

Posted in Uncategorized on September 8, 2010 by Razorstorm

This is a continuation in Versuvius’ storyline.  Since his last entry, Jizzella’s Homecoming, something very exciting happened.  He returned to the Site of Lessons to meet with Netherbane, and she followed him.  She confronted those there, which lead to a very heated situation between her and Tsunomi, Kharendos, and Araatris.  It ended with Jizella giving him an ultimatum and leaving in a storm.  He left the Site, following her, but never caught her.  The following is a letter that he sends to her after a few weeks of solitude and personal exploration.   If you interact with Versuvius in-game, he has been absent completely for several weeks with no word.

My daughter,

My heart has been heavy since our last meeting. I chased after you as you fled from the Site, but stopped when I realized that I didn’t yet have an answer to your ultimatum.  I’ve taken some time to think, away from you… away from them… just away. 

I look at the world around us, and I think of the world we left.  I have finally come to a conclusion.  The ways we are following do not work.  What have our methods gotten us, but closer and closer to extinction?  How many of our loved ones have been lost?  The Champions of the Light are no closer to defeating the Legion now than they were thousands of years ago. 

Do you remember the road the Orcs built, prompted by the Legion?  The road literally paved in the bones of our people?  I will not let that happen again. I will not see a road on this world paved in the bones of victims. 

I will no longer be a victim.

For our people to have a future, we need those who will carry forth the torch of the light, to hold firm to the traditions of guide our way, and to stay pure.  However, we also need those that are willing to walk in the darkness to face the darkness as an equal.  I firmly believe that this is where my path must take me.  I will be a shield of darkness, against the darkness.  I know what must be done, and I will do this.

I understand what this will cost me.  I know that when our task is done, that there will no longer be a place for me in this world.  If I know that my sacrifice will allow you to live your life safely in the light, I happily pay the price.  I seek no forgiveness, I seek no redemption.  I seek only victory over our foes.  I will carry this burden so that you don’t have to.  I only hope that before I face oblivion, my soul may see your mother one last time.  I doubt it that will happen, but perhaps the light will grant me this one small boon.

I know that you will not agree with me.  I know that you may even despise me for this.  I hope that you will at least recognize that this is a decision that I made for myself.  I was not convinced, and I was not coerced.  I am doing this for you and for our people.  I love you, and this will never change no matter what changes I undergo.  If it is easier for you to think of me as dead, then do that.  You will always be my daughter.  Please, do not remember me for what I have become, remember me for why became it.

With eternal love,

Your father.