In-Game Precedent! Hunters CAN Tame Druids!

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere, I’m sure you’ve heard the debate raging across the WoW community calling for hunters to be able to tame druids.  Well I found precedent! 

Last night I notice the most interesting thing while running the Underbog.  You encounter a Broken hunter named Swamplord Muse’lek, who is accompanied by a bear named Windcaller Claw.  This is clearly his hunter pet.  After you defeat them both, the bear turns out to be a Tauren druid who turns back into his natural form and sits down.  If you talk to him he says the following:

“How embarrassing to be taken as a pet by a hunter!”

Did you get that?  He’s a druid, and he was under the hunter’s control until you defeat them.  He was TAMED BY THE HUNTER!  It’s precedent!  PRECEDENT, I tell you!




Druids get flight form, dummy!

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So I finally made it to level 60!  You know what that means? 

I get to fly!

So what did I do?  I ran straight to Honor Hold to the flight trainer, plopped down my 200 gold for flight training, and like, 85 gold for my pretty little snowy griffon, and I took off! 

After about 5 minutes of this, I had an abrupt realization.

Rayzorstorm is a druid.  Guess what? 



Oh well.  My snowy griffon is really pretty anyhow. 


PS-  While flying around Outland for the first time, I couldn’t help but hum the flying song from Disney’s Peter Pan, here are the lyrics for a little nostalgia!

JOHN:”Can you really fly?”
PETER:”I’ll teach you.”
MICHAEL: “How do you do it?”
PETER: “Oh, you Just think lovely, wonderful, happy thoughts. And up you go!”
I’m flying
(Flying, flying, flying)
Look at me way up high,
Suddenly here am I
I’m flying.

I’m flying
(Flying, flying, flying)
I can soar
I can weave and what’s more
I’m not even trying

High up, and as light as I can be.
I must be a sight lovely to see.

I’m flying.
(Flying, flying, flying)
Nothing will stop me now:
Higher still look at how
I can zoom around,
‘Way up off the ground
I’m flying.

I fly and I’m all over the place
You try and you fall flat on your face

I’m flying.
(Flying, flying, flying)
Over bed, over chair
Duck your head, clear the air
Oh, what lovely fun
Watch me everyone
Take a look at me
A see how easily it’s done
I’m flying!

Oh, teach us Peter, please, teach us!

First I must blow the fairy dust on you!
Now think lovely thoughts

Think lovely thoughts
Think lovely thoughts



Lovelier thoughts, Michael!


Ah, ah, flying!
Like an owl, like a bat,
Or the crow,
It’s so satisfying!
ALL: (Overlapping each other)
I’m whizzing
Through a cloud
Past the star
I’m so proud
Look how far I breeze in
High over the moon
Higher I fly
By old mister moon
Wave me goodbye

JOHN: Let’s go at once to Neverland!

I’m flying.
(Flying, flying, flying)
Heading far out of sight
Second star to the right
Now the way is clear
Never Land is near
Follow all the air
Cause I’m about to disappear
Wendy, Michael, John! Tinkerbelle, c’mon! Hurry up and follow me or soon I will be gone!
I’m flying!

Ending their World: I finished the Draeni Starting Zone!

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Yesterday I completed the climactic quest for the Draeni starting zone, Ending Their World, on my new Draeni shaman, Versuvius.  This is a quest given to you by Demolitionist Legoso over at Vindicator’s Rest. Apparently it is only available to Draeni players, which is only appropriate.  It also appears, according to some discussion on Wowhead about this quest, that you have to also have completed What We Know, though it appears the quests following that are optional.  Ideally you do What We Know, followed by What We Don’t Know, then Vindicators Rest, and then you can complete a much of Clearing the Way while doing Ending Their World.

This quest is awesome!  I think its the coolest escort quest I’ve seen so far.  (Note: I’m sure there’s some better one out there, I just haven’t done it)  You are escorting Demolitionist Legoso to the Vector Coil, which the Blood Elves are using as a generator of some kind.  The area is swarming with elite Blood Elves.   You really need two people to do it, though Demolitionist Legoso is totally badass.  He will tank, he will heal, and he will generally pound in some pretty Blood Elf faces.  And then, he blows up the Vector Coil.  Now you have to slay the Blood Elf leader, Sironas.  What’s awesome is that Sironas looks alot like you.  She’s an Eredar.  I honestly can’t remember if that had been revealed before hand, but I apparently missed it, so it was an exciting revelation to me!

Sironas getting ready to do something epic! ... Ya know... she's kind of hot!

You then press ahead up and around the Vector Coil.  You see Sironas standing siphoning energy from the Vector Coil, standing at the focal point of 3 electrical arcs.  You kill a bunch of the Blood Elves protecting her, and then you go after her.  Though it is not timed, it has the feeling of the classic trope “Beat up the goons before the villain completes their master plan.”  She turns to face you, and then grows.  I mean she grows really big!  And then you get to kill her, all epic-like.  When you’re done you head back to Blood Watch to turn it in. 

Here’s the part I wasn’t expecting.  After turning in the quest to Exarch Admetius, as you walk out of his building at the top of the Blood Watch hill, you are greeted on both sides by all of the warriors of Blood Watch and every important NPC you’ve met so far: The Triumvirate Hand from there at Blood Watch, the fishing girl you greets you on your way to Azure Watch for the first time, High Chief Stillpine, and lots of citizens… and at the end of the aisle is the Prophet Velen.  He thanks you and proclaims you a hero of the Draeni people.  Obviously this made use of phasing, which is just so darn cool!

All I can say is, WOW!

If you are rolling a Draeni, do NOT skip this quest.  Do NOT leave the starting zone until you’ve done this, or at least come back at level 20 to do this quest.  You are missing out if you do. 


(NOTE: The screenshots are not my own.  I ripped them shamelessly from Wowhead.  I really need to remember to take more screenshots of the awesome stuff that happens.)

Children of Cataclysm: a letter to Raid Warning Podcast

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I wrote an email to the guys at the Raid Warning Podcast, and then realized that it would make a really good  blog post.  So here it is, exactly as I sent it to them.  Share your thoughts on the subject of how “Children of Cataclysm” will experience the game.  If you haven’t listened to Raid Warning, do it.  They are a ton of fun!  Find them at

Dear Raid Warning,
This is a response to a discussion from Raid Warning #43, your discussion about what a new player will experience after the Cataclysm hits.
BTW- I love the show guys.  I especially appreciate your round tables. I’ve been listening for several months now.  Keep it up.  You have a nice balance of quality content discussion, and fun screwing around.
I am a “Child of Wrath,” a player who didn’t join the game until WOTLK was out.  I didn’t buy the expansions immediately, but rather as I’ve leveled, so I think I have a pretty good idea of how Blizzard handles this.
Changes made to the world at large are experienced by anyone with the Vanilla set.  Buying the Burning Crusade expansion opened up the higher level cap, unlocked Jewelcrafting as a profession option, unlocked the Draeni and Blood Elves as races options, and unlocked the new areas introduced with Burning Crusade, namely the Draeni starting zone, the Blood Elf starting zone and Outland.  If I tried to hop on the boat from Auberdine to Azuremyst before I purchased Burning Crusade, as I indeed did try to do, I receieved a little message saying “This area is only available to players with the Burning Crusade exansion.  However, any changes made to the Old World over time were still experienced by me just like anyone else with all of the expansions.
Buying Wrath of the Liche King unlocked the higher level cap, Death Knights, and the Northrend areas.  Again, any changes made to the Old World over time were still experienced by me just like anyone else with all of the expansions.
Based on these experiences, here’s how I expect things to go down for “Children of the Cataclysm” who buy Vanilla after Cata hits, or anyone that doesn’t immediately buy the expansion.
  • Vanilla will continue to be sold as the starter.
  • Any map area that has existed previously will be still be accessible in its new and altered form.
  • Obviously any mechanical changes to classes and races.
  • You will still need BC or WOTLK to access the Draeni and Blood Elf starter zones, Outlands, and Northrend.  You will also need those expansions for the introduced races and professions and expanded level cap.
  • When you buy Cataclysm, only then will you get access to the 85 level cap, the new races, the new race/class combos, archaeology, and any Old World map areas that did not previously exist in Vanilla.  You will not be able to enter Gilneas unless you have the expansion.  I also wager that some other areas will be added that you will not be able to enter unless you have the expansion.
So really, unless I want to play Worgen, Goblins, or the new race/class combos, a new player could very easily buy Vanilla and need nothing else until they hit level 60.  They will still be able to explore the very altered Old World, with the exceptions of areas that are newly introduced.  This is how it was handled with the Blood Elf starting zone, which is on the same Old World continent, and accessible from the plaguelands.  You just couldn’t cross the magical line unless you had the expansion.
From a marketing standpoint, I expect they will either continue to sell the current battle chest, and force you to still buy WOTLK and Cata seperately, or they will put Vanilla, BC, and WOTLK in a new, larger and more expensive, battlechest.  Or maybe they will create a Battle Chest 2, where they combine WOTLK and Cata.  Interesting possibilities.
Just wanted to share my thoughts. 

Recently Obsessed with Lore: Story of Arthas

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Okay, so lately I have become quite obsessed with WoW Lore.  I have been skewing my voracious appetite for WoW media, (blogs, podcasts, etc) to favor stuff that is dripping in lore (Mmmmm… lore drippings… yum).  It actually begain about a month ago when my wife and I spent several hours watching some YouTube videos about Arthas.  I feel the need to highly recommend the 12-part series “Story of Arthas” by Glyndis08.  It is a artfully strung series of cinematics and game sequences from Warcraft 3 that shows Arthas’ arc from paladin to Lich King incredibly well.  I totally recommend watching them.

         Video 1

         Video 2

         Video 3

         Video 4

         Video 5

         Video 6

         Video 7

         Video 8

         Video 8.5

         Video 9

         Video 10

         Video 11

         Video 12

I highly checking out this well done sequence.  I really feel like I finally got a good grasp of the Lich King storyline. 

More posts to come on my exploration of WoW lore and role-playing.


Lyrical Screenshots (thanks Anea!)

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Thanks to my friend Anea at Oh Look an Alt, I have something fun to put up.  I’ve been very distracted lately, mostly with rolling a new toon on Earthen Ring and role-playing.  Oh, and getting a new job.  So anyway, very distracted. But this was a fun way for me to get back on the blog horse!

So… post a screenshot and attach some song lyrics to go with it.  Here goes!  It’s an old pic, but I love it so!

Look for the Bear Necessities, those good ole Bear Necessities! Forget about your worry and your strife! I mean the Bear Necessities, or Mother Nature's recipes, that bring the Bear necesities of life!


WTB Female Horde- Blood Elves need not apply

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My wife and I put forth a valiant effort on Noblegarden this week, and if I do say so myself, I became quite the egg snatcher.  I have a new motto:  “Camping kills fun!”  I never camped.  I chose instead to run like a madman in a general circuit, and snatch eggs.  This did, of course, require not being in Goldshire, which I found far too congested for any successful egg snatching.  I decided I am quite fond of Kharanos, in fact.  I have decided that druids make excellent egg-snatchers using their travel form!  We grabbed SO MANY EGGS… SO MANY EGGS… one more time now… SO MANY EGGS!  We found all of the needed components from the eggs, except one, the elusive Elegant Dress, which neither of us was ever able to get from a random egg. 

We took breaks from egg-snatching to go put bunny-ears on random unsuspecting females.  I came to the realization that unless you can reach Dalaran, it is ridiculously difficult to bunny-ear any horde females other than Blood Elves.  We even ran deep into Horde territory and stood outside Undercity, and even blitzed around Brill, the Crossroads, “Tauren-town-that-I-can’t-remember-the-name-of,” and Razor Hill, all to no avail.  (Note that this only even remotely works on non-PvP servers!  As it was we accidentally drew the attention of some guards with skulls in place of levels and ran like hell!)  I am actually convinced that the Horde on Argent Dawn-US doesn’t recognize Noble Garden except possibly in the Blood Elf town, that being the only Horde egg-hiding town that we didn’t visit.  We had one thrilling moment of victory when we were perched on a outcrop at the Crossroads, saw a Blood Elf female, and proceeded to leap off the hill and run through the town zapping the poor shocked Blood Elf and getting the hell out of dodge!  After that, we couldn’t find a single female Horde anywhere at the other towns, except Blood Elves. (oh so many Blood Elves!)

At this point we decided to try our hand at finding some in battlegrounds.  Luckily, we recently hit our 50’s, so we could queue for Alterac Valley, which is HUGE!  We figured we’d totally be able to see a few Horde females there.  Indeed we did.  My wife managed to bag a Forsaken chick, and I bunnied a female Tauren.  Note that these were after two successive battlegrounds.  We spent most of the time flailing helplessly as we got chewed up and spit out.  We could only take so much of this before giving up. 

At this point we decided that we just weren’t going to get that darn title, and we gave up.  Raise a glass to our Not-So-Noble-Garden!  One of these days we’ll finish a holiday…