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Virgin Tanking BRD in a Bikini

Posted in WOW with tags , , , , , on July 25, 2010 by Razorstorm

Did that title get your attention or what?

I finally completed dual-speccing my paladin, Dedeamona (Lightninghoof-US hordeside), into her Protection spec.  She’s been Holy since level 10, so this was a pretty big deal.  I selected my talents, using a spec shamelessly pulled from Wowhead.  I rebuilt her toolbars for her new identity.   I bought my glyphs, supplemented my random tanking items I already had with pieces from the auction house, and queued up for a dungeon!  She was level 58, and I had no desire to struggle with a DK for aggro on my first run, so I queued very specifically for BRD.  I figured that I’d out-level it a bit, and that my gear was plenty sufficient for it, so hopefully it would be a good place to try out pally tanking for the first time and learn what the heck I was doing.  I fully expected that the group would fall apart and not finish, because that’s what happened every other time I’ve run BRD in the past.  That’s right, you heard me.  I’ve never completed BRD before. No one in my pugs ever knew how their way through the damn thing.  So I clicked in for my instant queue fully expecting that things would fall apart in about an hour. 

Well, wasn’t I shocked when I had not one, but two people in my pug who knew what they were doing!  So we kept going.  And going.  AND GOING!  DAMN THAT IS A LONG DUNGEON!!!!!!!!

Ahem. Forgive me.  Moving on.

Three hours later we finally took down Emperor Dagran Thaurissan.  I was so tired, but I was thrilled.  I finally beat that place.  And now I don’t ever want to do it again, unless I’m going in with friends.

But I tanked it!  That’s right, on her virgin tankadin run, Desdeamona tanked BRD all the way through.  I didn’t do a half bad job, if I do say so myself!  I did however make the #1 “Pally Tank Newb Mistake” of all time.  That’s right, I forgot to turn on Righteous Fury for about the first 30 minutes.  And I gotta tell you, that was a rough 30 minutes.  I wasn’t holding aggro on anything for more than a few seconds.  Once I realized my mistake and clicked the freakin’ button, suddenly things weren’t so difficult anymore.  

I didn’t find a single upgrade from the whole run, so I guess her scabbed together gear wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I have to say, I absolutely love her chest piece right now.  And I was afraid when I equipped her first plate chest piece that it wasn’t going to be pretty.  Check out this bad girl!  Princess Leia, eat your heart out!  


That’s right.  That bikini top there is freakin’ PLATE MAIL! 

I love blood Elves.  Yep, I do.

And I love tanking. 

That is all.



Am I a “Softy Healer”? (Blog Azeroth Shared Topic)

Posted in WOW with tags , , , , , on July 11, 2010 by Razorstorm

In this week’s shared topic on Blog Azeroth Ecclesiasticaldiscipline posed a question that grew out of her post on how Healers Rule 5-Mans.  Her question is when, as a healer, should you let someone die?

I don’t talk about it very much, but I do heal 5-Mans on my Blood Elf holy pally, Desdeamona, pretty regularly.  I have also been healing in lowbie 5-Mans on my Ele Shaman Versuvius, though he is not specced for it.  At this level his healing is sufficient, and the gear overlap between Ele and Resto helps as well (and I sunk 5 points into the resto tree to help a bit). I have no illusions that I’m an amazing healer, but rarely do people die on my watch.  So I do have perspective on this subject.

Listening to this discussion, I think I’m a “softy healer.”  I personally can’t remember ever actually making the decision that I would no longer heal someone and just let them die.  Part of it comes from a belief that I just shouldn’t do that, and part of it comes from the mindset I’m in when I heal.  I have a natural mental priority in my mind when I’m healing: Me, Tank, DPS, DPS’s Pets.  Yes, I always heal pets as long as things aren’t going to shit.  All DPS are pretty much created equal to me on Healbot.  I have certainly healed people that were pissing me off mostly because I have hard time overriding that instinct.  However, if someone is being a jerk, I may prioritize other dps over them.  If that means they die, then they die, but I will not consciously stop healing them.  I just really have a hard time declaring that I will no longer fulfill the role I promised to do by checking the little box (man, I think I have WAY to large  a sense of duty to a little box). 

Now, I HAVE refused to res someone when we wiped and I had to run back too.  That’s my rule: If I have to run, you have to run. If they are running back, and get lost, that’s different. I’ll res them in the interest of keeping things moving (and out of lots of sympathy, there’s been several times when I couldn’t find my way back into the instance *nasty glare at Blackrock Depths*).

I also wanted to comment on Ecclesiasticaldiscipline’s thoughts about healer’s power in 5-Mans.  Her point was that she finds that healers have more clout in 5-Man’s due to the fact that there is a nasty blame game between tank & dps, while healers stand outside that conflict as a powerful neutral party.  I completely agree with this.  When I tank, I feel a huge rush of relief when a healer backs me in a conflict.  I get incredibly nervous and listen hard when a healer starts to criticize me.  As a healer, I always take a side in these conflicts, and my vote usually swings things. Also as a tank, I pace the run to the healers mana, so they actually set the pace of the run.  It’s very interesting how much power they do have.  I probably don’t wield this power like a I could. 

What do you think, am I a “softy healer?”


A Dungeon for Two, and Musings on Neutral Towns

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Last night I was playing Desdeamona  and realized she was at the perfect level to venture into Searing Gorge.  So I grabbed a guildie, a hunter, and we went tromping on in there.  Can anyone explain to me why Thorium point is a neutral town, and not Alliance only?  Thus far, neutral cities I’ve seen in the Old World all follow a certain pattern.  They are either goblin centered, and maintain neutrality for trade reasons, Booty Bay, Gadgetzan, and Ratchet, or they are Druidic, such as Moonglade, or that mostly Tauren spot in Felwood.   And they always have NPC’s from both factions.  At Thorium point, it’s all dwarves and humans, except for the Horde flight master.  Can anyone explain this to me?

Well anyway, level 47-48 is like THE time to go to Searing Gorge.  Everything is the right level, and you get a massive group of quests to propel you through a few levels.  We grabbed about 10 quests, which necessitated dropping about 10 quests (I was getting bored with Stranglethorn Vale and Dustwallow Marsh anyway! /Abandon!), and went off.  What was so great is that, if you do this, practically every mob wandering around factors into one of your quests, so if you see it, KILL IT!  After doing a bunch of the quests around the Cauldron, we turned in the few completed quests, sold our bag-fulls of greys, and ventured into the Cauldron to knock off about 5 quests.  This place is a true dungeon!  I’m so glad there were two of us.  You could totally do it by yourself, but with two, it’s nice.  It’s also huge.  This place took longer to run through than any dungeon I’ve ran, probably right on par with when I soloed Deadmines on my lvl 30 warrior the old-school way, starting from the surface and walking to the instance.  All in all it took about 2 hours.  But dang it was cool!  You’ve got massive caverns, big bridges over lava, and fire-breathing dinosaurs! (Are Incendosaurs trainable?  If so, I am so getting me one of those when I roll a hunter in Cataclysm!)

Big thanks to my guildie, Dominaelm, for being awesome and getting lost with me!  Good times!

-Razorstorm (Happy Easter!)

Obeying the Muse

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Recently I accepted an offer from Windsoar over at JadedAlt where she is playing Muse to any of her blogging friends.  She gave each of us a different subject/question to address. What I thought was so cool was how she kept managing to come up with good questions that were all so specific to each blogger.  Here was my mission, should I choose to accept it (which, obviously, I do, though perhaps not as promptly as I should have).

/cast Muse

So, I know you play several toons, and they’re in the around the 40-60 range (if nothing’s changed ) How did you NOT get hit with the leveling bug? How do you choose which toon to play, and what makes you trade them in for the next alt? Do you and the missus have a specific duo? What do you enjoy doing in-game together?

Ok, that was mean–answer the ones you want and ignore the rest! I got a little carried away ^^


I am, indeed, an altaholic.  Here I am, playing for over a year, and still, I have no 80’s.  In fact, I have several characters all stuck right around the same point.  Two points, actually.  Looking through my alts on various servers it would appear that I tend to get stuck right around either level 12 and level 40.  Let’s look at the notables from my roster

Rayzorstorm- Argent Dawn- Feral Druid 50 (yay!)

Desdeamona- Lightninghoof- Holy Paladin 45

Morgaunt- Uldaman- Protection Warrior 40 (yay!)

Mykale- Cenarius- Frost Mage 45

After these guys I have a ton of toons that are all right about level 10-12, though I think there are two that managed to make it into the 20’s.  Among them are two hunters, two warlocks, a rogue, 2 priests, another paladin, another warrior, and 3 shamans.

I understand the phenomenon of bailing on toons in the teens.  It makes sense.  You decide to roll a new race/class combo just to see how you like it, and then you go back to your main.  But why do I consistently get stuck around the 40’s?  There are a couple of reasons for this, I think.

First, my four higher toons were each the first that I rolled on each of those four servers.  I originally started on Dawnbringer with my wife because we really didn’t know what the hell we were doing.  Rayzorstorm is dedicated to leveling with her warlock, Lahruna.  He is restricted to staying within two levels of her, or I get in trouble.  We really love questing as a duo.  Each time I’ve started on a new server, it’s been to play with different friends from real life, except the change from Dawnbringer to Argent Dawn with Rayzorstorm, which was to join SAN.  The problem with this plan is that I still don’t get to play with any of these RL friends because they’re all raiding.  So I go on leveling.  First I rolled Mykale on Cenarius, then Morgaunt on Uldaman, and then most recently Desdeamona on Lightninghoof.  I’ve been most involved with Des and Rayzor lately, though Morgaunt saw some good action this last week.  I haven’t touched Mykale in a while, mostly due to a conscious effort to be a little more focused.   

I think I tend to get stuck around the 40’s because leveling really starts to slow down around there.  Previous to this you stay in a zone for about 8 levels, and the content naturally leads you on to the next step.  Once you hit this point, though, the world starts feeling very big, and quests seem to involve more and more running around, which takes forever.  I think there’s also a tendency to start feeling lost around this point because there isn’t a place that you’re supposed to be, because the world is supposed to start feeling wide and open.  Add to this that professions really start to get harder at this point and you really start to slow down.  It makes it really easy, for me at least, to get distracted by the idea of trying something new.

Windsoar asked if I get the leveling bug.  I live for the leveling bug.  When the story is clear and driven, I dive in.  But as things get more diffused, and especially if they get grindy, I get bored and switch over to another toon for a few levels. I don’t believe in power-leveling with the aid of higher level friends, because I actually want to see and experience the world.  If I could stay focused on any of these characters longer, I’d be a lot further along.  I’ve sort of decided to leave Mykale in the dust for a while, partially because it’s so much easier leveling with my tanks, or my holy pally, due to the quick LFD queues and survivability.  And more importantly, I get much more social interaction on all of my other realms than I do on Cenarius.  I’ve recently begun to understand how important an active g-chat is to my enjoyment of the game.

Well, I think I’ve rambled on this subject for long enough.  I hope you were a-muse-d!


The Fall of the Baroness

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I made a post recently about Desdeamona’s attempt to be the Silk Baroness of Lightninghoof. I realized that I hadn’t followed through on my promise to report my results. 

Result: Failure. 

It turned out that despite how many stacks of silk I bought, and I bought a lot of silk, as soon as I left the AH someone would put up some more.  It wasn’t long before there was enough lower priced silk to push my stacks a long ways down the roster.  While I may have had the money to take over the market, I simply didn’t have the time.   I would’ve had to sit  there checking in every 15 minutes to keep buying up the new stacks.  I left it alone and went adventuring. 

When I came back 48 hours later, my mailbox was full of expired silk.  When I say full I mean full, as in so full the system couldn’t deliver all of it because my mailbox was completely jammed with stacks of silk.  Sure, I made some gold from a few stacks that did sell, but I was swamped in stacks of silk that hadn’t sold.  I guess I could’ve turned right around and put them back on the auction house, but I just didn’t have the will after sifting through all that silk. 

Lesson learned: Don’t tangle with a monstrous market like silk.  this strategy would probably work fine on a smaller market, and one person might succeed in controlling the price, but it would take steady dedication.