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Am I a “Softy Healer”? (Blog Azeroth Shared Topic)

Posted in WOW with tags , , , , , on July 11, 2010 by Razorstorm

In this week’s shared topic on Blog Azeroth Ecclesiasticaldiscipline posed a question that grew out of her post on how Healers Rule 5-Mans.  Her question is when, as a healer, should you let someone die?

I don’t talk about it very much, but I do heal 5-Mans on my Blood Elf holy pally, Desdeamona, pretty regularly.  I have also been healing in lowbie 5-Mans on my Ele Shaman Versuvius, though he is not specced for it.  At this level his healing is sufficient, and the gear overlap between Ele and Resto helps as well (and I sunk 5 points into the resto tree to help a bit). I have no illusions that I’m an amazing healer, but rarely do people die on my watch.  So I do have perspective on this subject.

Listening to this discussion, I think I’m a “softy healer.”  I personally can’t remember ever actually making the decision that I would no longer heal someone and just let them die.  Part of it comes from a belief that I just shouldn’t do that, and part of it comes from the mindset I’m in when I heal.  I have a natural mental priority in my mind when I’m healing: Me, Tank, DPS, DPS’s Pets.  Yes, I always heal pets as long as things aren’t going to shit.  All DPS are pretty much created equal to me on Healbot.  I have certainly healed people that were pissing me off mostly because I have hard time overriding that instinct.  However, if someone is being a jerk, I may prioritize other dps over them.  If that means they die, then they die, but I will not consciously stop healing them.  I just really have a hard time declaring that I will no longer fulfill the role I promised to do by checking the little box (man, I think I have WAY to large  a sense of duty to a little box). 

Now, I HAVE refused to res someone when we wiped and I had to run back too.  That’s my rule: If I have to run, you have to run. If they are running back, and get lost, that’s different. I’ll res them in the interest of keeping things moving (and out of lots of sympathy, there’s been several times when I couldn’t find my way back into the instance *nasty glare at Blackrock Depths*).

I also wanted to comment on Ecclesiasticaldiscipline’s thoughts about healer’s power in 5-Mans.  Her point was that she finds that healers have more clout in 5-Man’s due to the fact that there is a nasty blame game between tank & dps, while healers stand outside that conflict as a powerful neutral party.  I completely agree with this.  When I tank, I feel a huge rush of relief when a healer backs me in a conflict.  I get incredibly nervous and listen hard when a healer starts to criticize me.  As a healer, I always take a side in these conflicts, and my vote usually swings things. Also as a tank, I pace the run to the healers mana, so they actually set the pace of the run.  It’s very interesting how much power they do have.  I probably don’t wield this power like a I could. 

What do you think, am I a “softy healer?”