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Jizella’s Homecoming

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Versuvius is my Draenei shaman on Earthen Ring-US.  I plan on doing a background post on him, but I really wanted to get this out there.  So, here’s just a really quick background. He and his young daughter, Jizella, escaped from Draenor with their people, as one of the last groups of refugees.  She was swept off her feet by a human man during their first visit to Stormwind.  She stayed there while Versuvius returned to continue his work in Azuremyst, and after hearing whispers and rumors investigated and then joined the Netherbane  Demonhunters.   This was her return home, as RPed between myself and my wife, playing Jizella.  Some of the dialogue has been edited, and additional narration has been added, but largely, this is a pretty accurate dramatization. 

The old Draenei sat on the docks outside the Exodar awaiting the boat that would take him across the channel to Auberdine fishing rod in hand.  One of the small tentacles on his chin gently stroked the long white mustache that reached down to his chest.  The sun was low on the horizon line, the temperature was mild, and the fish were biting.  He listened to the wind.  It said today was a good day. He agreed.

A gentle voice came from his left, “Are the fish biting today?”

Versuvius looked up from the water, at the young Draenei girl standing a few feet away and gasped.  “Ji… Jizella,” he sputtered as he rose to his feet, the fishing rod forgotten on the pier, “What are you doing here?”  The young woman cautiously took a breath, as if to brace herself against an oncoming blast of wind.  “I thought you were staying in Stormwind.” he asked critically.

She replied bitterly, “I’ve decided I’ve had enough of humans and their world.”  Then she added softly, “I’ve come… home.”

Versuvius’ opened his mouth as if to speak, but was overwhelmed, not be able to form the words.  Finally he simply said, “I missed you.  I missed you very much.”  He slowly walked up to her, and firmly took hold of her shoulders.  She braced herself, for the coming storm of parental scolding… which never came.  Instead, he leaned in and gently kissed her on the forehead.  He pulled back and looked at her with eyes the color of ocean depths.  “Are you… Are you all right?”

“Yes,” she replied. “But I never want to see another human as long as I live,” she added with a touch of venom. 

Versuvius smiled sadly, “Oh my child,” and pulled her into deep bear hug.  She wrapped her arms around him and rested her cheek on his chest.  He seemed stronger, more alive than the last time they were together.

After a moment, they pulled apart, and Jizella leaned against a post, looking down into the water below.  “You were right. That human was horrid.  I never should have trusted him.  That very night, after I’d moved in, he came home, drunk, with another woman.  He said he “forgot” that I was there!” 

Versuvius let her keep her distance, “Oh my child, I’m so sorry.  I knew he wasn’t to be trusted.”

Her mouth tightened with hurt and anger at the memory.  “I left that night and haven’t been back since.” 

“I wish I’d stayed longer, rather than rushing back here.  I should’ve known something like that would’ve happened,” Versuvius replied.  Then he realized something was missing, “But if you weren’t staying with him… what did you do?”

She looked further out to sea, so that her father wouldn’t see her sly smile. “Not so hard to get by in the gentle wilds around Stormwind.  Much easier than during the aftermath back home.  I stayed in a cave I found out in Elwynn Forest…” she paused for effect, “and I met another charming fellow.”

Versuvius growled, “Another charming fellow?  Another human?”

Jizella turned to face her father with a grin.  He didn’t smile back.  She pointed down the pier, and his gaze slowly followed.  About 20 feet away, sitting calmly on the dock, was a large brown bear.  Jizella made a signal and he slowly made it to his feet and lumbered down the dock to nuzzle her hip, almost knocking her into the water.  She braced herself against the post and scratched behind his ear as he growled in pleasure.  “His name is Bernard.  He is very loyal.”

Versuvius scowl melted into a smile, and he chuckled heartily through the exchange.  He crouched down in front of the bear and looked into its large dark eyes.  “Hello Bernard,” he glanced at Jizella after saying the awkward name. “Pleased to meet you.”

“Don’t worry,” Jizella added.  “He’s really just a bear, not one of those druids that can look like a bear, or anything.”

Versuvius rose to his feet.  “You’ve been gone for some time.  Much has happened while you were gone.”

Jizella looked concerned, “What have you been doing?”

Versuvius turned to look at the hills beyond the Exodar, where Azure Watch could just be seen, and in the hidden distance beyond, to Blood Watch.  He took a deep breath, knowing where the conversation was heading.  “I spent several weeks helping our people rebuild and secure a safe haven on this island,” he said, stalling.

Jizella nodded and laughed gently, “That sounds just like you.”

Versuvius continued stalling, “Then I ventured into the nearby continent, into the lands of the Night Elves to relearn how to hear and speak with the spirits of this new world.”

“How did that go?” asked Jizella.

“I hear them more strongly than I did back home.  I have found the spirits of this new world… suit me.”

“Oh?” Jizella said, somewhat surprised.

“And… I have joined a crusade, against the Burning Legion.”

Sensing that there was more he was holding back, Jizella prodded, “Really?  What sort of crusade?”

Taking a deep breath, Versuvius proceeded cautiously, “They are called the Netherbane.” He paused, bracing himself.  “They are demonhunters.”

Silence.  Then, “What?!” she spat.

“Yes,” he replied.

“But… you are a shaman, not a demonhunter,” she shot back.  “What happened to peace and love and all of that?”

“Sadly I believe that the only way to achieve peace in a world that is under siege by the Burning Legion is to fight it…” he paused then pressed on, “to destroy it through any means necessary.”  Seeing her shocked expression, he added, “I’m doing this so that someday you may live in a world that they do not touch.  I think of you everyday.”

Jizella’s look of shock slowly shifted to one of disgust as she leaned in, whispering harshly, “I’ve heard about these demon hunters.  They cut their eyes out, did you know that?  Did you know that some of them become demons themselves?”

Versuvius held firm, like a stone being crashed by a wave, “I know all of this.  More importantly, I know why they do it.  They do what others are not willing to do, in order to save this world.  I think they are very noble.”

Jizella rolled her eyes, “Oh wonderful! So they are martyrs on top of it all!”

Versuvius smiled sadly, “Perhaps we are, at that.”

Jizella turned away and walked to the other side of the pier, shaking her head.  “I don’t like it.”

Versuvius continued solidly, “I don’t expect you to understand.” His voice choking on him, “This is not something I could have done before… before your mother…”

“Oh, stop!  Just stop!” She cut him off, whipping around to face him.  She took a breath to calm herself.  “What do you think the Naaru think of your sacrifice?”

Versuvius’ eyes flicked to the side, not meeting her glance.  “I believe the Naaru understand what is in our hearts better than most.”

“Ugh, that is just what they told you to think,” Jizella retorted.  “What happened to you?  You’re not thinking clearly!”

They have told me nothing about the subject,” Versuvius replied, his voice catching fire.  “That is what my heart tells me.  And I have stared in the face of O’ros since I made this decision.  I feel no shame.”

Jizella paced away from him in frustration, and then circled back to him, her expression softened.  “Father, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left you alone.  I know you were worried about me, and perhaps this radical group sucked you in because you had no one else.  But I am here now.  I will take care of you and you won’t need your demon friends anymore.”  She softly reached her hands out and took hold of his.

Versuvius firmly held her hands, and looked her square in the eye, “I am glad you have returned to our people.  More than you can ever understand.  I hope for nothing more than to see you fall in love and experience the joy of a family of your own.”  Jizella snorted and looked away at this, but Versuvius held on.  “But I cannot in good conscience turn away from my path.  I hear the voices of this world.  It is in pain.  It needs to be cleansed.  It needs to have this infection that is the Legion purged.”             

Jizella smiled as she would to a child, and gently stroked one of his tentacles, “I know, father, but it will get easier with time.  We just need to get you some help.” 

Versuvius stopped her hand, “Jizella. I do not need help.” 

She kept smiling and took his hand. “This is all the result of things they’ve told you, and probably some strange drugs, too.”

Versuvius’ jaw dropped in realization, “You think I’ve been brainwashed don’t you?”  Jizella only shrugged innocently as he continued, “You think they’ve indoctrinated me to believe whatever they tell me, don’t you?  Do you really think me so… simple, so weak and senile?”

“Father,” she replied.  “I still love you, and I’m here for you.  This is a new world, and this isn’t your fault.  We are still so new here, it’s not your fault they’ve taken advantage of you.  It happened to me too with that human.  It happened to both of us.”

Versuvius tore his hands away from her, his eyes alight with frustration, “They have not taken advantage of me.  I sought them out.  This is my choice, my path!” 

Jizella took hold of his hand again, “Come along father.  Let’s get you somewhere you can rest.  I’ll make you some soup.”  She turned to walk up the pier, pulling him behind her.

Pulling her back to face him, “I will not be patronized by my own daughter!  You may not understand my decision, but at least have the respect to recognize that it was my own choice!”

She nodded, “I know it was.  Now let’s get you home.  What sort of tea would you like me to brew for you?”

Versuvius stepped back.  “I don’t believe this.  I will not come home with you and be fed soup and tea like some sad, senile elder that is on death’s door!”

Jizella stayed deliberately calm, “Father, you are getting so defensive.  I’m only trying to help.  Soon, you will be well again.  And don’t worry about the Netherbane.  I will take care of them.  I will make sure that they never bother you again.”

A puzzled and concerned look crossing his face, Versuvius replied, “’Take care of them?’  Just what, child, you to you think you are going to do?”

“Don’t worry father,” she replied confidently.  “I will be safe.”

“No you don’t be,” he railed.  “The places I walk these days are dangerous.  They are filled with demons and Orcs bent on ripping this world apart as they did our homeland!”

“Well, I survived that.  I will be fine… though they will not.”  And with that she pivoted on a hoof and walked towards the entrance of the Exodar, deep in thought.  Bernard, who had stayed seated during all of this trotting along behind her. 

Versuvius held his ground, “Where do you think you’re going?”

She turned and yelled back, “I’m going to make you tea!” She then turned again and continued on, the setting sun at her back casting long shadows. 

After sputtering for a second, “Jizella, come back here!  We aren’t finished with this!”  Her stride didn’t falter for second.  Versuvius stood there in shock at what had just happened.  He reached down and picked up his forgotten fishing pole and sat down to think about this new development.  He asked the wind what it thought he should do.  He got no reply.