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Desi de Voodoo Girl

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This is an RP entry to provide the backstory to my warlock on Earthen Ring-US, Desdeamona, affectionately called “Desi de Voodoo Girl”.  Yes, I have two toons named Desdeamona.  This one, and my Blood Elf Paladin on Lightinghoof-US.  Don’t judge.  This will also be posted on Desdeamona’s profile on the Earthen Ring RP Network.

Your question hangs in the air.

Across the campfire from you, the young girl sits in a crouch.  The firelight dances along her dark skin, and highlights her stark white hair.  Her thick dreadlocks are tied into a thick topknot and splay out madly.  In the flickering shadowy light they almost look like pale serpents.  Her dark eyes glance at you shyly, slyly, through the tops of the dancing flames, and then return to the strange collection of materials her lap, which she seems to be manipulating deftly, though you can’t quite see what they are, nor what she’s making.

After a moment of silence she answers  you, “So, you be wantin’ ta know why I talk like dis, eh?”  She smiles slightly, her attention still at her work.   “Well, I ‘appen ta be in an accommodatin’ mood t’night, so I jes might be willin’ ta tell ya.”  Her eyes flick up to meet yours and you find suddenly feel pinned in place by a gaze much fiercer and more powerful than one would expect from this small waif of a girl.  “But, first… you gotta say what “dis”… sounds like.” Her gaze drops as she brushes a thick lock of hair out of her face, and you suddenly remember to breathe.  “Well?”

After a few breaths, you say it, “Why do you talk like a… like a troll?”

She let the question hang for a moment.  “You eva’ meet a troll, mon?”

You clear your throat, “Well… um… not really.  I mean, I faced them in battle.  But I recognize the accent from some pirates I heard speaking the common tongue in a tavern down in Booty Bay.  It’s um… very distinctive.”

She smiles broadly, her teeth stand out against her dark skin.  “I suppose it ‘tis, mon.  Very well den.  I spent de last 12 years o’ so livin’ wit de Amani down in Stranglet’orn.  Dats right, mon, I was raised by trolls.” Her eyes flick up to check your response, but she’s careful not to make eye contact this time, for which you are grateful.  They flick back down to her work, then after a moment, she took a deep breath in, the sighed as she looked off to the side, as if accessing the memories was difficult.

“I was a little girl.  Only 5 yea’s old, I t’ink.  I was sailing wit’ mah fada’ on a merchant vessel called “Da Forgotten Maiden.”   My fada’ was a fine saila’.”  She smiled sadly at the memory.  “’E was da first mate, on da ship.  My moda’ had just died from some illness, an’ he didn’t wan’ me left home all alone wit’ nothin’ but my tuta’s an’ se’vants.  So’e decided to take me wit’im.”

“We sailed down de coast from home.  On ah’ way, probably only a day o’ two from ah’ destination, which now I be t’inkin’ was Booty Bay, we run inta’ a terrible storm.  De ship was destroyed.  I rememba’ my fada’ holdin’ onta me, haulin’ me on top a’ some debris.  When I woke up, I was sittin’ in my fada’s lap, next to a small fire, watchin’ da sun disappea’ into de ocean.  Lookin’ back, ‘e shouldn’t ‘a made a fire… cause fires draw attention.  Dat very night, a troll came to ah’ camp an’ attacked us.  He ‘ad terrible magic dat gave us no hope a’ gettin’ away.  I remember tryin’ ta run away, like mah fada’ tol’ me to.   As I run down da beach, I felt like I was runnin’ through thick mud, an ‘e caught me easy.  ‘E was so big.  Bigga’ den any man I eva’ seen.  ‘E scooped me up, an carried me back to de campfire.  He tied me up and made me sit dere and watch as ‘e… as ‘e ate mah fada.”

She sniffled, her dark eyes wet around de edges.  She wiped her tears away with a dirty finger.  I offered her my handkerchief, which she accepted with a smile.

“De whole time ‘e kept tellin’ me ‘bout how ‘e was gonna eat me next.  But when ‘e was done, ‘e was wracked by a terrible headache. Den ‘e put his head in his hands ‘n cried.  When ‘e was done, ‘e looked up and said to me, “Dat was unexpected.” ‘E didn’t eat me, afta’ all. Instead, ‘e carried me back to ‘is home, and tied me up der.  ‘E said ‘e was mah  fada’ now, dat mah fada’s spirit was part o’im somehow from de eatin’.  An ya’ know, I t’ink ‘e was tellin’ da truth.  ‘E raised me as ‘is child.  I worked fa’ ‘im, cleanin’, cookin, doin’ whatevah’ ‘e tell me to.”

“We lived by ah’selves, jes ‘im & me.  ‘E was what you people would call a “witch docta,” an’ ‘e was very powerful, an’ very wise.  Occasionally we’d go visit one ‘a da nearby tribes to trade for supplies, or fa’ ‘im ta meet wit’ da elda’s to discuss t’ings.  Sometime’s we’d get visita’s comin’ ta ask fa ‘is wisdom.  De always marveled at me, called me ‘is “pretty pet.”  Dere was lotsa jokin’ about me bein’ a snack ‘e was savin’ fa lata’.  More den one asked if dey could have a nibble.  ‘E neva’ tol’ dem about de t’ing wit mah fada, o’ how ‘e felt about me, but ‘e made it very clear to all a’ dem dat I was ‘is and ‘is alone, and dat ‘e would rip out da heart o’ any dat touch me.  But dey always made it very clear dat ‘is protection was de only reason I wasn’t da next meal.  Dat’s how I spent the last 12 years.  Livin’ wit ma new fada’, tryin’ not ta get eatin’ by da trolls, by da tigers, by jes about everyt’ing.”

“I always was askin’ ‘im ta teach me ‘is magic, but ‘e neva’ would.  Instead ‘e teach me de magic o’ de plants in de jungle, an’ what ye can do wit’ dem.  I watch everyt’ing I could, and I learn little bits, but nothin’ real.  Den one day, I heard a voice.  A little voice dat offered ta teach me what ‘e wouldn’t.  An’ so I follow da voice to a small cave in da hills.  De voice tol’ me how to draw a strange circle in monkey blood, and tol’ me de words to say to summon ‘im to me.  ‘E gave me what I wanted.  ‘E taught me de magic my new fada’ wouldn’t.  I kept it a secret fa months, learnin’ from ‘im in stolen hours & minutes.” 

“Den one day ‘e found me wit mah new friend. ‘E was furious. ‘E said I what I was doin’ was evil an’ dat ‘e would soona’ eat me ‘imself den see me traffickin’ wit mah new friend.  I said to ‘im dat ‘e got no one to blame but ‘imself.  Dat I had learned more in dose few short months wit’ mah new friend den in my 12 years watchin’ ‘im.  I thought ‘e was gonna kill me right dere.  But ‘e didn’t.  ‘E jes hung ‘is head and said to go.  Get out and neva’ come back.  So I did.  I ran, and I ran until I found da road North.  I knew I needed ta get outa dere quick.  ‘E wasn’t protectin’ me any longa’, so if any a dem other trolls dat be lickin’ der lips at me fa’ 12 years past found me, I was a dead girl.  So I made mah way North, carefully, tryin’ not ta get eatin’ by da trolls, by da tigers, by jes about everyt’ing.”

She took deep, cathartic breath.  You suddenly shake your head, realizing just how focused you’d been.  “An’ das why I talk like dis.  So now you know.  T’anks for listenin.  I know it was a long story.  An t’anks for de handkerchief.  It looks so nice on mah new poppet.”  You’ve been so enraptured by the story that you never noticed that her hands had kept working on the project in her lap the whole time.  She held up a small doll made of plant husks and cloth.  Your handkerchief is tied around it’s throat.  She smiled fiercely. 

“You’ve been so helpful.  Now I need jes one more t’ing from you, but I don’t t’ink you be givin’ it willingly.”

Suddenly very uncomfortable under her piercing gaze, you stammer “Um.. What do you need.  I’m sure we could work something out?”

Suddenly a small… thing… with wings stepped out of the shadows behind her, it’s yes shining with a green fel-glow.  It smiles at you with a wicked grin.  She turned her gaze to the doll, and pulled out a sharp piece of bone from her hair.  “Dat’s de t’ing.  What I be needin’… is your soul.” With that she plunged the shard of bone into the hand of the doll.  Your hand bursts into pain, as if a knife had just been plunged into it.  She waved her hand over the head of the doll, and suddenly you realize you are running, running as far away as fast as you can in stark terror.  A stabbing pain erupts behind your knee and you fall to the ground writhing.  You look up and see her looking down at you, her hair draping down, looking even more snake like than before.

“T’anks for de meal, and de handkerchief, and everyt’ing else.”  And suddenly everything goes black.


Druids get flight form, dummy!

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So I finally made it to level 60!  You know what that means? 

I get to fly!

So what did I do?  I ran straight to Honor Hold to the flight trainer, plopped down my 200 gold for flight training, and like, 85 gold for my pretty little snowy griffon, and I took off! 

After about 5 minutes of this, I had an abrupt realization.

Rayzorstorm is a druid.  Guess what? 



Oh well.  My snowy griffon is really pretty anyhow. 


PS-  While flying around Outland for the first time, I couldn’t help but hum the flying song from Disney’s Peter Pan, here are the lyrics for a little nostalgia!

JOHN:”Can you really fly?”
PETER:”I’ll teach you.”
MICHAEL: “How do you do it?”
PETER: “Oh, you Just think lovely, wonderful, happy thoughts. And up you go!”
I’m flying
(Flying, flying, flying)
Look at me way up high,
Suddenly here am I
I’m flying.

I’m flying
(Flying, flying, flying)
I can soar
I can weave and what’s more
I’m not even trying

High up, and as light as I can be.
I must be a sight lovely to see.

I’m flying.
(Flying, flying, flying)
Nothing will stop me now:
Higher still look at how
I can zoom around,
‘Way up off the ground
I’m flying.

I fly and I’m all over the place
You try and you fall flat on your face

I’m flying.
(Flying, flying, flying)
Over bed, over chair
Duck your head, clear the air
Oh, what lovely fun
Watch me everyone
Take a look at me
A see how easily it’s done
I’m flying!

Oh, teach us Peter, please, teach us!

First I must blow the fairy dust on you!
Now think lovely thoughts

Think lovely thoughts
Think lovely thoughts



Lovelier thoughts, Michael!


Ah, ah, flying!
Like an owl, like a bat,
Or the crow,
It’s so satisfying!
ALL: (Overlapping each other)
I’m whizzing
Through a cloud
Past the star
I’m so proud
Look how far I breeze in
High over the moon
Higher I fly
By old mister moon
Wave me goodbye

JOHN: Let’s go at once to Neverland!

I’m flying.
(Flying, flying, flying)
Heading far out of sight
Second star to the right
Now the way is clear
Never Land is near
Follow all the air
Cause I’m about to disappear
Wendy, Michael, John! Tinkerbelle, c’mon! Hurry up and follow me or soon I will be gone!
I’m flying!

We Hit Level 50 & Lahruna’s leveling guide!

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It finally happened!  Lahruna and Rayzorstorm finally hit level 50 together in a Blackrock Depths PUG the other night.  And there was much rejoicing!  (Dour Monty Python voice: “Yay.”) 

Here is the quick leveling guide, according to my wife, Lahruna. 

  1. Get sick.  Preferably sick enough that you are stuck sitting on the couch and can’t do chores around the house. 
  2. Put on a good movie that you’ve already seen several times so you don’t really need to pay close attention to it.  (She recommends Finding Nemo and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.)
  3. Get your hot hubby (or wifey) on the couch beside you doing something that keeps them busy, like applying for new jobs.
  4. Wrap yourself up in warm blanket or Snuggie.
  5. THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Have cake beside you as you:
  6. Run dungeon, after dungeon, after dungeon, after dungeon….

Until you finally reach half-way through lvl 49 so you and that hot hubby/wifey of yours can finally go run one more final dungeon for the day, which will be Sunken Temple.  Which will then take an agonizing hour, which by the way is NOT refundable,  as the paladin in your group insists on doing things in the most agonizingly careful and risk-free (i.e. boring) way possible.  You will acquiesce because Sunken Temple is a friggin maze and you have no idea where you’re going. 

But at the end you will have a pretty awesome fight against several green dragons.  Somewhere along the way, you will both ding 50.  When all is done, you can retire to Stormwind, eat cake, and be merry.  I recommend having a dance party.

Lahruna, Rayzorstorm, and Graklos have a lvl 50 dance party!


Blog Azeroth Shared topic, and lonely Dwarves

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I thought I’d actually get on the wagon and respond to the weekly shared topic from Blog Azeroth for the first time.  This topic was suggested by Pieces:


If you had the chance to start all over again in WoW, but your char is already level 80, or level 1 depending on if you like to level or not :>. What class would you pick? What race? What faction?
Why would you pick that class/race/faction?

And most of all what would you plan to do with it? Raid, PvP or just hang out in Dalaran?

It just fascinates me what people would do if they would be given the option to start all over again on the highest level, would you pick the same class you play now or would you make your secret wish of playing (say) a mage come true?


Considering that I still don’t have any level 80’s, I would LOVE to have a raid-ready toon handed to me.  I read so much, and I listen to so many podcasts that all talk about this and that in the end-game and it drives me nuts not having an 80 to experience it.  I WANT TO RAID!  I think most of all, I probably would love to have a Level 80 Hunter, dual specced as BM and Survival, that I could raid on, and then run around the world and train new exotic pets.  I don’t know why, but I have total hunter envy (I think it has something to do with the ability to train beasts you find in the world, that is just so cool to me.)  Maybe it’s because I listen to two class-specific podcasts, and they’re both based on hunters!  (OutDps and THL, I blame you!)  What race, you ask?  Hmmm, good question.  I’m inclined to say Orc… or Dwarf… probably Orc.  I just think Orc hunters look badass.   Yes, let’s go with an Orc Hunter.

When I’m not raiding I want to go running around and tame the coolest beasts I can.  Here I come Spirit Beasts!  Here I come Devilsaur!  Here I come… I don’t know what else I’ll tame, but I know there are cool beasts out there, and I want to tame them!  So if someone could magically hand me a character of any class, any level, that’s what I want. 

Now, you might be asking, if I like hunters so much, why haven’t I rolled one?  Well, actually, I have.  His name is Khazad, and he’s on Dawnbringer-US.  He’s stuck somewhere in the 20’s, running around with a white wolf named Loki.  He’s an engineer.  I quite like him.  There’s one small problem.  He’s ON MY WIFE’S ACCOUNT!  Yep, you heard me right.  He’s on my wife’s account. Now the next obvious question is, “Why, Razor?  Why is poor Khazad languishing, lonely and un-played, on your wife’s account?” 

Well, here’s the answer, silly as it is.  I play on the laptop.  My wife plays on the PC.  I started playing Khazad very shortly after we began, and I realized that I was not allowed to play Rayzorstorm, my main Druid, without my wife’s Warlock, Lahruna.  Since I was playing without her, I decided to play him on the PC.  About the time that he hit those mid 20’s, I got offers to play with some RL friends on other servers, and since I already had a hunter, I rolled other classes, such as my mage, Mykale, or my Paladin, Desdaemona, and my warrior, Morgaunt.  Note that all of these toons are on different servers, created to allow me to play with different friends, but that’s a discussion for another day.

In fact, when Cata hits, I am highly considering rolling a Goblin Hunter that will do engineering.  I’m thinking about naming him after something to do with Squigs, which is a Warhammer reference.  If any of you reading this know what I’m talking about, give me suggestions for this idea.


Transparency of Mechanics

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I was listening to The Hunting Lodge Podcast #27 today and found Brigwyn and Daewin talking about upcoming gear changes, and it sparked a train of thought that I’ve been wrestling with for some time:  Transparency of WoW mechanics.  To make a long story short, there isn’t much, and it bugs me.      

To give some context, I have only been playing WoW for a little over a year and I came to it, not from a background of playing other MMO’s, or console games, but rather from D&D and other table top games.  Tabletop RPG’s have total rule transparency because the players have to do the math, the rolls, everything.  I am used to being able to read a class’s description and know, at least in a basic sense, how my class works.  I have found it frustrating that WoW provides little to no guidance about the basic mechanics of how the game works.  If I roll a new class that I know nothing about, say a warrior (which I do actually have, this is just an example), where do I go to learn the basics about what stats are important to me?  If you go to the official World of Warcraft site, there is indeed a Getting Started section where you might expect these things to be explained.  I go here to learn about the basics of my class, and then to here.  Hmm, not much there telling me about what type of gear I should be looking for, or how to judge gear that I come across.  The only official place that I see attributes explained is here.   If I roll a warrior, I can guess that Strength is a good stat for me to work because it says this:

Strength (STR)

  • Increases your Attack Power with melee weapons.
  • Increases the amount of damage you can block with a shield.

What about Agility?  It says this:

Agility (AGI)

  • Increases your Attack Power with ranged weapons.
  • Increases your Armor.
  • Increases your chance to score a critical hit with a weapon.
  • Increases your chance to dodge attacks.
  • Increases your Attack Power with melee weapons (rogue, hunter, and druids in cat form only).

This sounds pretty good for a warrior, in a general sense.  But how much does it increase my armor, critical hit chance, and dodge?  Is Agility more valuable than Stamina which only says this:

Stamina (STA)

  • Increases Health.
  • Increases your pet’s Stamina.

If don’t know how much health Stamina gives me, and how much armor/dodge Agility gives me, and how Str affects my block, how do I know which stat improves my survivability better?  I don’t.  If I don’t know how much Strength increases my AP, and how much critical chance I get from Agility, how do I know which one has the greater impact on my dps?  I don’t.  I’m not even going to get into the obscure mechanics of Defense Rating, Spell Power differing on slower/faster spells, or proc rates (I just love powers/items that say, “you have a chance on a hit to do XXX thing.”  What chance?  How much?).  And people wonder why we have mages asking to have their cloak enchanted with Agility so that they will get hit less? 

Now this is the point at which someone points the helpless noob to the WoW forums, or WoWHead, or Elitist Jerks, etc.  However, where is the official statement of how this stuff works?  The information is available on these wonderful forums because people figured it out.  Should I really have to go to unofficial, uncontrolled sources to understand even the most basic mechanics of my class?  I don’t think I should. 

I personally do go these places to read a lot, because I like doing that.  I did the same thing when I was playing D&D.  But my wife has no interest in doing this research, though she likes to play the game.  I know that Blizzards desire is to have this game be easy to learn and difficult to master, which I totally support.  However, it seems like it’s easy to learn, but then very easy to learn wrong if you don’t have an interest in exploring external forums, particularly as you get in the mid levels where you actually start making choices.  I believe a major cause of this is the lack of transparency about how the mechanics work. 

What do people think? 


The 10th Layer of Hell: Grinding for mats that won’t drop

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I finally ventured into Searing Gorge with Rayzorstorm (previously Darrien), my Feral Druid level 48, in search of Sarah Tanner to begin delving into Elemental Leatherworking.  I had never been into Searing Gorge before with any toon.  Previous to this it was only a place that I dared see from the back of a griffon, a scary place where big fiery mobs with ?? for their level are everywhere.  It was a little spooky to walk in there and realize, “wait a second, I’m the right level to be here!”  I proceeded to find Sarah and embark on a quest to gather Hearts of Fire, Globes of Water, Cores of Earth, and Breaths of Wind.  Actually, I already had Cores of Earth sitting in the bank from some random questing, so I was 3 out of 4.  I started with Hearts of Fire, since they could be found on Magma and Inferno Elementals right nearby.  I looked them up on and saw that the drop rates were low, 5-7%, but that anything else with higher drop rates was well out of my range.  So I went to work as a kitty tearing up countless elementals, making endless loops around Searing Gorge (I even got the achievement for exploring it!).  This began a grinding process that went for hours and hours and hours, just to get 2 Hearts of Fire.

My poor guildies on Single Abstract Noun were so nice to me, giving me sympathy as I moaned about the cruelty of getting Elemental Fires instead of Hearts of Fire.  Luckily the gchat is so entertaining and active that it kept me in good spirits.  I whooped and cheered and did the happy bear dance when I finally got the second Heart of Fire to drop.  This joy was quickly dampened by the realization that I needed to do it again for the Globes of Water.  I then flew to Feralas (crazy long commute!) to gather the Globes from Sea Sprays and Sea Elementals.  This became another few hours of grinding elementals just to get 2 Globes.  This was made more dangerous by the involvement of large Sea Giants that invariably can be found near these water elementals, and happen to love squishing druid kitties by ganging up them 2-on-1.  No one said mobs were fair.  I died a few times to these giants, but that wasn’t much of a problem.  The problem was the hours upon endless hours that I spent grinding my way through elementals for the quest mats.  If it hadn’t been for the saving grace of SAN guild chat, I think I would’ve lost it.  Again, when it finally dropped the second Globe, I whooped and hollered and did the happy bear dance.  Now to get the Breaths of Wind from some air elementals in Tanaris!  I’m almost done!

The Happy Bear Dance

Something that struck me as very ironic was that I actually got some decent drops during this process.  I found  some very sellable greens, along with some elemental fire and water, which tend to sell quite well in the auction house.  However, I didn’t give a damn, because they weren’t Hearts of Fire or Globes of Water

I have conceived of a new layer of Hell.  Enter the 10th Layer, where the poor lost souls are damned to wander the world grinding endless waves of mobs, only needing one more item to finish their quest, but never actually finding it.  What a terrible fate that would be.  /shudder


Darrien -> Razorstorm -> Rayzorstorm

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From the minute I saw Miss Medicina mention the creation of Single Abstract Noun on Argent Dawn-US, I started seriously thinking about rolling a new toon on that realm. I’d been thinking that I really needed a toon somewhere that actually used my longtime handle and now blogging pseudonym, Razorstorm, and this idea of a social guild full of chatty bloggers just made me giddy thinking about it. So I popped open the Droid Armory on my phone and checked to see if there were any “Razorstorm’s” on Argent Dawn. To my delight, none popped up! “Woohoo!” I thought, followed by, “Ah, man, another alt that I’m really going to want to play. At this rate I’m never going to get a toon to 80!” Then I had a wonderful idea, paid character transfer.

I’ve always thought of Darrien on Dawnbringer as my main, since he was my first toon, my highest level toon (not that it’s very impressive…) and he’s also the one I most identify as me, since it’s the one I play with my wife. The problem is that we have had a devil of a time finding a decent guild. I have come to realize that an active guild chat channel is one of my major factors of guild enjoyment. We don’t ask much from a guild. We quest together, we dungeon together, and we don’t take much from a bank. We don’t like to get power-leveled through dungeons that are too high for us. Mostly we just want community. We had found a small lovely group of players that were all friends in real life, and we just fit right in. And then at some point they all took a WOW hiatus, or switched their efforts to alts on other realms, or something. Whatever the cause, we were left with a silent guild chat, and usually only us online. We were low rank, so we couldn’t invite others, and we had very limited bank access. Finally we just left and joined some other guild that was recruiting in trade chat. This one was also quiet and boring. And then we tried a third with similar results. Lately we just haven’t played them because my wife has been too busy, and I get in trouble if I play Darrien without her. So I’ve been working on alts, mainly Desdaemona lately. The founding of SAN gave me a great idea: Transfer Darrien and Laruna (my wife’s warlock) to Argent Dawn and join.
I realized when doing the setting up the transfer that I would have to change Darrien’s name (Laruna didn’t have to change her’s which made it an easy sell to my wife). This wasn’t such a bad thing since I really liked the idea of having a toon named for my longtime handle: Razorstorm. I looked it up on the armory, and it said the name was free. Unfortunately, the armory lied. When it came time to change Darrien’s name, Razorstorm was not available, so I settle instead for Rayzorstorm, which is still pretty cool. However, I am totally irked by the fact that someone has my name, but is clearly less than level 10, or else the Armory would have picked them up. So some bank alt or other has my name! /grumble. So, whoever Razorstorm on Argent Dawn, I hope you value that name. And if you happen to be Horde, oh boy, you better watch out if I run into you in a battleground!
So, to wrap it all up, last night I did the transfer, today I joined the guild, and tonight I am sitting at my computer just staring at the busiest guild chat channel I have ever seen, and loving every minute of it! Now I have to peal my eyes from the chat channel and go farm some leather!
-Razorstorm (or Rayzorstorm, I guess I can get used to that…)